Google will probably change significantly. The company wants to increasingly integrate artificial intelligence into its search in the future. This could also lead to a change in the business model. According to reports, Google is planning a paid subscription with AI functions.

The term “googling” now stands for searching on the Internet. There are numerous alternative search engines that are in no way inferior to Google. But with a market share of over 80 percent, the search engine from Google parent company Alphabet has a monopoly position.

Nevertheless, the company is apparently facing a fundamental change in its business strategy. Because like that Financial Times reports, Google not only wants to turn its search on its head using artificial intelligence, but is also apparently planning to introduce a paid subscription.

Google is apparently planning a paid subscription with AI functions

Artificial intelligence is changing the interaction between humans and computers. For example, instead of typing questions or commands using the keyboard, users can “speak” to AI assistants using voice input. Inquiries, chats and complex requests are also possible.

This is also likely to change online searches significantly. Since the publication of ChatGPT at the end of 2022, search has already shifted from classic search engines to chatbots that search the Internet for users. This development in turn represents a threat to Google.

Because as users migrate, the company's advertising revenue also declines. Google therefore not only wants to integrate its own AI functions into its search, but is also apparently thinking about charging fees for them. Loud Financial Times This would be the largest restructuring of the company's search business to date.

Will there be a Google Premium soon?

This would mean that Google would put one of its core products behind a paywall. As the Financial Times Citing Insider, the company wants to make such a premium subscription attractive to its users by adding certain AI functions.

These are likely primarily services based on Google's AI assistant Gemini. According to reports, the company is already developing corresponding technology for integration into its search. However, Google's management has apparently not yet made a final decision as to whether and when the new service should be introduced.

According to reports, classic Google searches will not be affected by the payment plans, but will remain free. An additional premium subscription would still represent a significant shift in business strategy. Because Google has been offering its search engines free of charge for years. The company has previously only generated income from advertising.

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