The German start-up Voodin Blade Technology has developed wind turbine blades made of wood that are said to be significantly more sustainable than current systems.

Wind power plays a crucial role in the energy transition. Today, numerous systems on land and on the high seas already generate a large proportion of our daily electricity needs. But the systems also pose some challenges. The rotor blades are usually very difficult to recycle.

But that could change in the coming years. Because companies around the world are working on sustainable alternatives. Wood seems to be a promising material. After the world's largest wooden wind turbine went into operation in Sweden, the German start-up Voodin Blade Technology is now venturing out of cover.

Wooden wind turbine blades reach lengths of 9.3 meters

The company recently presented its own new development in the field of wind turbine technology. These are wooden wind turbine blades that are completely recyclable. Voodin Blade Technology makes the blades from laminated veneer plywood (LVL). A first field test is now underway on a wind turbine in Breuna near Kassel. A team installed the 9.3 meter long wings there.

Unlike traditional turbine blades, which are made from difficult-to-recycle materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber, Voodin Blade Technology's wooden blades offer a distinct advantage. They are fully recyclable. The wings are manufactured using modern computer-controlled CNC milling machines that cut complex 3D shapes directly from the material.

Production saves money, emissions and reduces transport costs

This also saves money because the company does not need any additional molds in production. Thanks to its efficient and lightweight design, Voodin Blade Technology also saves emissions and transport costs. According to the company, the LVL material used is even more durable than the composite materials currently used in wind turbine blades.

Initial tests showed that the wooden wings are less susceptible to fatigue and can handle extreme weather conditions excellently. Voodin Blade Technology is currently working on developing prototypes with blades that will reach lengths of 60 and 80 meters.

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