Khaleeq Aziz founded Genaios in Nuremberg. He has a degree in forensic psychology and already has experience founding companies.

Most people are actually fully aware that there is a lot of nonsense on the Internet. And yet it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between what is wrong and what is true. And it is also becoming more dangerous. Not only, but especially in a “super election year” like 2024, fake news and disinformation can influence opinions and ultimately even elections.

Khaleeq Aziz now wants to solve this large and pressing problem with a tiny, seemingly simple tool, namely a browser plugin (currently only available for Chrome, but also available as a web app). His startup Genaios has developed AI-based software that, according to the company, can “perform fact checks and identify misinformation and AI-generated content at a glance.”

Recognition of AI-generated texts

In practice, it looks like this: With one click, the tool scans the content of a page, marks suspicious areas, and indicates the probability of false information or AI-generated content. Aziz's team developed the text recognition AI itself. So far, it reads German, English, and Spanish, with other languages ​​to follow. And the Nuremberg-based startup is already working on an image recognition system that recognizes AI-generated images as such.

Khaleeq Aziz studied forensic psychology in Great Britain and founded his first AI startup, Symanto Research, in 2009. As he told Gründerszene, 13 people are currently working on Genaios. The business model he is aiming for with the fake news detection tool is a classic freemium model, like DeepL or ChatGPT, he says.

Aziz Genaios was only officially founded in September 2023. Since then, he has managed to raise a “low double-digit million amount” in a pre-seed round. The investors mainly include German (impact) funds such as GoodFace Capital and MIC Capital.

Here you can see the pitch deck that Genaios presented. You can find more pitch decks here.




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