German electronics manufacturer Kopp has developed a foldable solar system that aims to revolutionize the energy market. The installation should be very easy, since the system is delivered ready for installation. This should save costs, personnel and packaging material.

Solar systems are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. The high price of electricity and the subsidies from the federal government additionally accelerated the obesity of the technology. A new system from the German electronics manufacturer Kopp now shows that even the installation can be relatively simple.

The system is called SmartFlex and consists of four photovoltaic modules that can be folded out. The panels and the necessary accessories come in a reusable transport box. As the manufacturer from Kahl am Main indicates, the system can be installed by just two fitters.

Foldable solar systems are relatively easy to install

A crane lifts the system onto the roof of the relevant house. Two solar technicians then climb up and unfold the system. The screw connection and the connection to the mains supply form the conclusion. The transport box can then be reused for the next delivery. Packaging waste is reduced to a minimum.

Even if the system makes a rather unstable impression, according to the manufacturer it can withstand strong winds and extreme weather. So homeowners don’t have to worry about security at any time. The ready-to-assemble delivery also saves costs and personnel.

Up to 1.6 kilowatt hours in the smallest area

The foldable solar system occupies an area of ​​around 6.8 square meters and ideally generates up to 1.6 kilowatt hours. However, the system cannot yet be found on the Kopp product page.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer offers an interesting solution that could probably convince even more building owners to switch to photovoltaic systems.

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