The French company Eolink wants to install a floating wind turbine on the Atlantic. A first prototype is expected to generate electricity on the high seas as early as 2024.

The way we generate energy is constantly evolving. However, this does not always require completely new technologies. The French company Eolink is now showing what the future generation of electricity from wind power could look like. A first prototype is already in development.

The system should not even have to be installed on the seabed. Because the innovative wind turbine should float on the waves and ideally generate significantly more energy on the high seas than classic systems. But the approach also harbors some challenges that Eolink must first overcome.

Floating wind turbine combines several advantages

First, the company wants to erect four support masts arranged at an angle to stabilize the floating wind turbine. The construction resembles a pyramid. So to speak, the rotor is again within this construction. Ballast tanks should additionally stabilize the 143 meter rotor.

The turbine is meanwhile about 30 percent lighter than conventional wind turbines and weighs around 1,100 tons. Easier installation and maintenance reduces electricity production costs by 20 to 25 percent. In turn, Eolink is ahead of the competition, which is also working on such a technology. Because the first prototype should be ready by 2024.

First test facility from 2024 in the Atlantic

Then the test facility in the Atlantic should show whether the concept has a future. The prototype will in turn have an output of five megawatts and will later be able to generate up to 20 megawatts. The concept could therefore set a precedent in the long term.

In the past, energy companies have increasingly tried to generate electricity on the high seas. Because compared to systems on land, these generate significantly more energy. The reasons are the stronger wind and the lack of obstacles that would provide a slipstream. An absolute must for the energy transition of tomorrow.

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