Finding the nearest gas station quickly by car is hardly a problem these days thanks to technical helpers. It is more difficult with charging points for an electric car. But in the future you will also be able to find the nearest charging station on Google Maps.

The charging infrastructure is one of the central reasons why many consumers still decide against electric cars. In addition to the purchase costs being too high (71 percent), 59 percent of those surveyed in a survey cited insufficient range as a reason against an electric car.

For 54 percent, charging simply takes too long. For 34 percent of those surveyed, accessibility to charging stations is also a problem.

But a new feature from Google Maps could help here. In the future, you will not only be able to find gas stations on Google Maps, but also the nearest charging station.

This way you can find the nearest charging station on Google Maps

Google wants to help its users plan their routes better in the future, as stated in an announcement for the new function.

More and more people own electric vehicles and are therefore looking for ways to charge their car – whether they are already on the road or planning a trip.

It is not always easy to actually find a charging station. According to Google, these are sometimes hidden, for example, in a multi-story parking garage or behind parked cars.

For this reason, Google wants to better describe the information for charging stations in the future and provide more information about the specific location. AI-supported summaries in Google Maps, which should, among other things, also contain information from the reviews of other users, should help.

In order to further refine this information, Google will request even more information from its users in the future. So if you want to rate a charging station on Google Maps, the app will ask you, among other things, the type of plug used or the waiting time.

Plan stops at the charging station in advance

If you are already on the road and want to charge your car, Google Maps will show you nearby charging stations directly on the map in the vehicle. You will also find information such as real-time availability or loading speed.

These updates will be available worldwide in the future. But Google first wants to make it available in cars with integrated Google apps and services.

In the future, you can also choose the best charging stations for trips with several stops. However, this function will only be implemented in the coming months and only for cars with integrated Google apps and services.

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