Robot vacuum cleaners are already making our household tasks easier. The only thing we have to do after a few days is empty the dust. But that’s exactly what’s history with the Eureka E10s. With the vacuum robot with a multi-cyclone station, you only have to do this once a month! That’s why we’re introducing you to the Eureka E10s and showing you how you can win the new vacuum robot.

What the Eureka E10s can do: suction and mopping function

The Eureka E10s is a vacuum cleaner robot that finds its way through your apartment or house thanks to LiDAR + PSD and declares war on dust and crumbs with a suction power of 4,000 PA.

However, the Eureka E10s is not only ideal as a vacuum cleaner robot, because this model is not only equipped as a dry vacuum cleaner, it also has a mopping function on hard floors. In this case, too, a 220 ml water container ensures that you don’t have to bring it yourself too often.

The Eureka E10s works largely independently. If something happens, you can also operate the Eureka dry and wet vacuum cleaner via voice control.

The Eureka E10s is delivered in two parts: the multicyclone station and the vacuum robot

Robot vacuum cleaner innovation for emptying without dust: The Eureka E10s

What makes the Eureka E10s so special and clearly distinguishes it from other vacuum and mopping robots is the fact that there are no bags at all. And that doesn’t just mean that you no longer have a disposable bag with the robot vacuum cleaner. This also eliminates the need for you to have to vacuum the dust container every time or empty it after a few days. After each vacuum, the robot vacuum docks to the multicyclone station, where the particles, crumbs and hair picked up by the robot are collected.

If the station’s container is full, it can be easily removed from the station and emptied at the push of a button. It couldn’t be easier! This is incredibly simple and can be easily integrated into even a stressful everyday life. You also save costs by not using bags. They usually cost a lot of money. In addition to your wallet, you also benefit from the environment, which is also relieved by eliminating the constant use of dust bags.

Eureka E10s in the test

The vacuum robot in the test

In the appropriate app from Eureka you can create your account, connect to the WiFi and add your device within a few minutes. After you have fully charged the robot vacuum cleaner, you can start your first cleaning. And at the same time, the robot vacuum cleaner begins to scan your rooms and remember the outline and your furniture.

In the app you can then divide the map into rooms, set up no-go zones and start or pause the Eureka E10s. Even if the translation from English doesn’t quite fit in some places, you can still quickly find your way around the app and then use the robot vacuum cleaner easily. However, upon request, Eureka informed us that the translation errors would be corrected immediately.

You can buy the vacuum robot for 479 euros. By the way, this is not only possible directly at Eureka, but also easily at Amazon via this link.

Conclusion on the vacuum cleaner robot

With a running time of up to 180 minutes, the Eureka E10s ensures a sparkling clean floor even without charging. The combination of vacuum and mopping robots is of course ideal for everyone whose apartments or houses have different surfaces. Thanks to the built-in system, the Eureka E10s quickly finds its way around its new home after gaining initial experience.

The fact that you only have to empty the dust container about once a month is as clever as it is innovative and not only protects your wallet, but also the environment. The amount of work involved in emptying the container and caring for the Eureka E10s is minimal, which is why the annoying aspects of housekeeping after work are minimal.

Competition: Win a Eureka E10s worth 479 euros

Eureka is giving away together BASIC thinking a Eureka E10s worth 479 euros among all newsletter subscribers BASIC thinking. So all you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter by 12 p.m. on November 30, 2023 and leave us a comment under this article by then about what you like best about the Eureka E10s.

We will draw the winner on 30. November 2023 and then notify him or her by email. We wish good luck!

The deadline for entries is Thursday, November 30, 2023, 12 p.m. Participation takes place under the exclusion of legal recourse. Each participant can only take part once. Specifying the color does not guarantee the actual winning of the color. Only correctly completed comments will be included in the selection process. The winner will be informed via email. The right to win expires after one week if the winner cannot be identified or if the winner does not contact the organizer of the competition (BASIC thinking GmbH) within one week of the prize being announced. The data of other participants will not be passed on to third parties or used for other purposes. This article contains affiliate links.


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