Elon Musk apparently wants to compete with ChatGPT. According to reports, the Tesla CEO therefore has a research laboratory for artificial ones Founded intelligently and recruited a top researcher: former DeepMind employee Igor Babushkin.

Elon Musk apparently wants to found a research laboratory for artificial intelligence. He is said to have recruited former DeepMind employee and AI researcher Igor Babushkin. That’s according to a news agency report Reuters citing the magazine The Information out.

ChatGPT competitor? Elon Musk founds research laboratory for artificial intelligence

Accordingly, Musk got in touch with Babushkin, who until recently worked for Google subsidiary DeepMind. The goal of Babuschkin and Musk is to advance research in the field of artificial intelligence.

According to reports, the project is still in its infancy. There is therefore no concrete plan yet. Igor Babushkin voiced loudly The Information however, that I’ve already spoken to Musk about putting together a team.

Elon Musk founded ChatGPT developer OpenAI

With his AI project, Elon Musk apparently wants to get involved in the current AI competition that the artificial intelligence ChatGPT had triggered. Since then, the AI ​​software has amazed people with impressively precise answers that can hardly be distinguished from human ones.

Behind ChatGPT is the AI ​​company OpenAI, which Elon Musk once co-founded. Because back in 2015, Musk and the current OpenAI boss Sam Altman joined forces to conduct research in the field of AI. In 2018, however, Musk left the company’s board after a reorganization.

However, since the release of ChatGPT, the Tesla CEO has spoken regularly on the subject of artificial intelligence. In a tweet, for example, he described the AI ​​software as “frighteningly good”. On the other hand, according to Musk, AI is also “a greater risk to society than cars, airplanes or medicines”.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/02/28/elon-musk-forschungslabor-kuenstliche-intelligenz/

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