Dropbox is canceling its offer of unlimited storage in the Advanced tariff. The reason is the misuse of storage capacity by a growing number of users.

Dropbox is one of the most common ways to store or share data online. Many companies now also use the service. In the second quarter of 2023, Dropbox had more than 18 million paying users worldwide. In the previous year the number was around 17.4 million.

But there will now be a change in storage capacity in the cloud service’s most expensive tariff. Because Dropbox is saying goodbye to unlimited storage in the Advanced tariff.

No more unlimited storage in Dropbox

The company has developed the Dropbox Advanced tariff for companies, it says in a blog post. This means companies “shouldn’t have to worry about scaling storage” as their teams grow.

To this end, Dropbox previously offered its customers “as much storage space as necessary”. But that should now come to an end due to abuse.

Disk space was misused

Recently, the company has noticed that more and more customers with Advanced subscriptions are not companies or organizations at all. Rather, the storage space was used for crypto and chia mining, among other things.

It also happened that storage space was pooled by independent people for personal purposes. The company also uncovered the resale of storage space.

In recent months, we’ve seen an increase in this behavior after other services made similar policy changes.

These customers “often used a thousand times more storage space” than “real business customers”. This could have resulted in an “unreliable experience” for all subscribers.

Unlimited storage is not the same as unlimited storage

The company points out in its blog post that the idea behind the Advanced plan has always been to provide companies and organizations with as much storage as they need for their operations. The tariff was never intended to “provide unlimited storage space for every use case”.

In order to take long-term action against the existing abuse problem, Dropbox will remove the “as much storage space as necessary” option from its offering.

In the future, customers who book an Advanced tariff with three active licenses will receive a total of 15 TB of storage space. The team can use this storage together. Each additional active license adds five more TB of storage to the total storage.

Starting November 1st, Dropbox plans to gradually convert its existing customers to the new policy. These are allowed to keep the storage they have previously used if it is less than 35 TB. They also receive an additional 5 TB free of charge for five years.

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