Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is becoming increasingly important in order to be found on search engines such as Google & Co. Do companies have the opportunity to carry out the optimizations themselves? Or do they always have to employ an agency to get a good result? For this reason, we are testing IONOS rankingCoach.

What is IONOS rankingCoach?

IONOS rankingCoach is an SEO tool that companies can use to do search engine optimization quickly and easily themselves.

Once set up, rankingCoach shows step by step how to optimize your website. For example, you get an individual plan of action made up of easy tasks for your website. IONOS rankingCoach creates and analyzes the tasks using the data you enter at the beginning. The tool shows you which of the existing tasks is most important, so you know which optimization you should start with.

The tasks and optimization suggestions are individually tailored to your website. The goal of all tasks is to improve the ranking in search engines. This is achieved through various measures, for example by changing the keywords.

Improve the ranking of your website with IONOS rankingCoach

How does IONOS rankingCoach work?

In the first step, IONOS rankingCoach must be set up with the most important information about the company. This process takes less than five minutes. The users then immediately receive an overview of the current status of the website and the most important optimization options.

It is sufficient – ​​if you are just starting out with rankingCoach – to complete the first five tasks and then wait to see whether they already have an effect on the ranking. Because the big advantage of IONOS rankingCoach is that progress is checked regularly.

Weekly results reports are available to give you an overview of your website’s performance. You can then continue to optimize performance with new tasks. You can choose between video tutorials or text instructions for all tasks. This allows even inexperienced users to improve the search engine optimization of their website.

With IONOS you can choose the right one for your website from two different tariffs. On the one hand, rankingCoach Essential, with which the functions listed above are possible. For example, with this tariff you can analyze a maximum of 20 keywords and up to three competitors.

The second tariff, rankingCoach Plus, also supports you in creating advertisements with Google AdWords. So you start your own SEA (Search Engine Advertising) ad campaign. You can also analyze a maximum of 25 keywords and up to five competitors with this tariff.

What factors help with search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization has now become such a large area that it is hardly possible to remember all factors. An SEO tool is therefore a good support if you want to improve the ranking of your own website. But what factors really affect how well my website ranks?

1. Content

One of the most important factors is the content of your website, such as text, images and videos. For search engines like Google, the top priority is usually that your content is relevant and that you can come up with a solution to a specific visitor problem. Up-to-dateness also plays an important role in order to be easily found in search engines.

2. Backlinks

Backlinks are links from other websites that lead to your site. For search engines, these links are a good sign, a kind of third-party recommendation of your site. The more recommendations you have, the more influence it can have on your ranking.

Building backlinks is also crucial for search engine optimization. However, you should pay particular attention to the trustworthiness of the linking pages. For example, it can happen that you cause a deterioration in the ranking with dubious, obviously purchased backlinks.

3. Snippet

The snippet is the four-line entry that users see first in search engines. It consists of a title, a link, and two lines of text that describe your website. The problem is, if you don’t write the title and page description yourself, Google will automatically create the snippet from text on your site.

However, this should be avoided because such an important factor in SEO would simply go unused. Through the snippet, potential visitors should immediately recognize from the title and the description which products or which service are behind the search result.

In addition to the three factors listed, there are others that have an impact on the ranking of a website. In the IONOS rankingCoach, all tasks are sorted by importance. Immediately after registering, you can see an overview of what you have to do and you can tackle them step by step.

Improve the ranking of your website with IONOS rankingCoach

IONOS rankingCoach in the test

To find out how well IONOS rankingCoach works in practice, we looked at and tested the tool ourselves. In the following you can see all the steps necessary for the setup.

Personal Data, Company and Industry

In the first step, enter the name of your website on the start screen or select your website from the list. Then click on the “Check website” button and then on “Next”.

Then you enter your personal data such as first name, last name and e-mail address. These are usually already filled out based on your contract. If you want, you can change it here and then click “Next”.

IONOS rankingCoach 5

The next step is to choose your industry. This is very easy to do using the search field by selecting and adding a suitable industry description.

Keywords, competitors and task overview

Now select up to 20 suitable, but at least five keywords by clicking on them that match your website. When you’re happy with your selection, just click save.

IONOS rankingCoach 2

If you don’t really know which keywords suit you at the beginning, you can also have keywords suggested to you. You will then get a list of keywords from which you can choose the best ones for you. In the list you can also see how big the search volume of the keywords is and how difficult or easy it is to rank well.

IONOS rankingCoach 3
In the next step you can add your competitors who are in direct competition with your website. IONOS rankingCoach automatically provides you with an overview of suitable companies. You simply choose the right ones. If an important company is not automatically included, you can also add it manually via the search and save it.

Once you have entered all the information, you can complete the setup. It only takes a few minutes for rankingCoach to automatically redirect you to your overview page. Here you can see the current status of your website, for example how good your visibility is in search engines, via social media and in local marketing. You will also get an overview of the most important tasks that you should do in the first step.

This is how our test with IONOS rankingCoach went

Our practical test of IONOS rankingCoach was uncomplicated and intuitive. Setup took less than five minutes and we were asked step-by-step what information the tool needed. Immediately afterwards we received an overview of the points in which our website already ranks well and in which areas optimization is still necessary.

We were particularly impressed by the reports that the tool provides on a weekly basis. This makes it possible to wait and see what effect they had after just a few optimizations. With the help of the reports, it is much easier and less complicated to understand whether an optimization made sense and where something still needs to be changed.

Improve the ranking of your website with IONOS rankingCoach

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