The US Department of Justice has opened new investigations against Tesla. The accusation: Elon Musk’s electric car manufacturer grossly exaggerated its range information. The backgrounds.

Did Tesla deliberately exaggerate the range information for its electric cars? The US Department of Justice is currently dealing with this question. The background: The electric car manufacturer is said to have commissioned its own team to brush off complaints about range.

Did Tesla exaggerate its range information?

Tesla has meanwhile confirmed the investigation in a statement to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The US Department of Justice has therefore requested various documents – including, among other things, coverage and personal benefits. The authorities also requested documents on the so-called autopilot and driving assistance functions.

However, the information does not provide any specific information about the investigation. However, according to media reports, a connection with Tesla’s range information is obvious.

Investigations against Tesla are increasing

The news agency Reuters had already revealed in July that the range information on the on-board computer was very optimistic. CEO Elon Musk personally ordered this. However, the investigations now initiated by the US Department of Justice are not the only ones against the electric car manufacturer.

A few months ago, the authorities initiated proceedings regarding the alleged embezzlement of company funds. Elon Musk is said to have bought a private house through Tesla. In addition, allegations have been circulating for some time that Tesla is making misleading advertising and promises about its autopilot and driving assistance system.

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