Fake SMS messages from DHL are currently in circulation. The parcel service therefore points out not to react to the messages and links contained therein. The most important information at a glance.

“Caution, fraud” – these are the words DHL is currently using to warn of fake SMS messages on its Facebook page. The notifications would ask for the address of the customers. They also ask users to update their data.

DHL warns of SMS with fake links

According to the parcel service, people who have received such an SMS from DHL should not click on the link in the message. Because the message does not come from the company, even if DHL or DHL Paket is in the sender.

Caution: Fake SMS appear in old DHL chats

Particularly deceptive: the fake SMS would also appear in real older SMS history with DHL Paket. In addition, they are very authentic. However, the parcel service would never ask for payments or data changes via SMS.

Smishing: attempted fraud via DHL SMS

When scammers send harmful links via SMS, experts also speak of so-called smishing. The term is made up of the words “SMS” and “phishing”.

DHL customers are an easy target. As soon as you place an order for a package, you usually get repeated updates via text message about the current status of your order. That’s why DHL asks you to check carefully whether the message is genuine from the supplier.

Consumer center warns against smishing

The consumer centers are also currently warning more and more about SMS from alleged parcel services in which recipients should tap on a link. The consequences can be malicious apps, bulk SMS and subscription traps.

If consumers have clicked on a link, they should not agree to the installation of new apps, according to consumer advocates. Also, you should not reply to the SMS, but delete it immediately.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/01/26/betrug-sms-dhl/

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