Data intelligence is not a technology in the traditional sense, although many well-known technologies such as the cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning are related to it. Rather, data intelligence consists of a strategic, technical and organizational component.

The cloud is just one of many technologies related to data intelligence.

A data strategy should therefore be defined at the beginning, on the basis of which the required tools and technologies are defined and a corresponding data solution is set up. The use of data intelligence enables companies to take advantage of the ever-growing amount of data.

Mobile Business Intelligence

Data intelligence starts with the data itself and uses suitable analysis methods to identify valuable potential. Business Intelligence, on the other hand, primarily focuses on corporate management processes in order to obtain business-relevant information. Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI) provides the information for decision-making on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. There are various possible uses for Mobile Business Intelligence. This allows employees who are in direct contact with customers to present relevant data, graphics and visualizations in real time. Mobile business intelligence thus ensures a clear competitive advantage. Decision-making processes for companies can be accelerated with Mobile BI, since data management is location-independent and can be done quickly.


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