ChatGPT now has numerous plugins. Many of them can help make work or everyday life easier. You can even create YouTube videos with some ChatGPT extensions.

ChatGPT Plus has had two new features for some time now. Users of the paid subscription can, for example, activate so-called web browsing. This allows you to allow ChatGPT to search the Internet for current data.

Plus users also have the option to activate third-party plugins. With some extensions you can even create YouTube videos.

ChatGPT: How to activate plugins

With ChatGPT you can not only create pure video content, but also an audio track in the form of a voice. There is also the option to add a thumbnail. However, to create full-fledged YouTube videos, you need three plugins: CapCut for video creation, Wikipedia for the text and Canva for the thumbnail.

First, you need to make sure that the plugin function is activated on ChatGPT. To do this, click on the three-dot menu at the bottom left after you have logged in to the website.

Then select “Settings” and “Plugin Store”. If necessary, you have to click on “Beta functions” and activate the slider under “Plugins”. Note: Since OpenAI is gradually rolling out its new functions, the plugins may not yet be available to all Plus users.

ChatGPT plugin: Create YouTube videos – this is how it works

Once you have installed the necessary plugins, you can set ChatGPT corresponding tasks. To do this, you have to enter so-called prompts into the chat. X-User Zumer (formerly Twitter) demonstrates it in a thread. Of course, you can also adjust your entries accordingly.

First, ask ChatGPT to write a text about a specific topic using the Wikipedia plugin. If necessary, you can also set a character or word limit. You also have the option of asking ChatGPT to only use certain vocabulary – for example, so that young children can also understand the tea.

You can then design the actual video using the CapCut plugin. You can then create a thumbnail using Canva. ChatGPT should then show you a finished video with voice and music. For the thumbnail you can choose from several templates. If you want to customize video content, you can change your prompts or make them more detailed.

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