For a long time, e-bikes were particularly popular with older people who wanted the motor to help them pedal. But now there are signs of change. Because e-bikes are also becoming increasingly popular among young people and especially among commuters.

According to a recent statistic from fitness tracking provider Strava, e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular for commuting. According to this, 58 percent of the people in Berlin alone use electric bicycles to get from their place of residence to work – and back. This puts the German capital in the top five in a global comparison.

The probability of commuting with an e-bike is 30 percent higher than with classic bicycles. Compared to last year, the general use of e-bikes also increased. According to Strava, 26 percent more e-bikes are now being used than in 2021.

E-bikes are becoming more and more popular

However, the use is not distributed equally across all age groups, but there is an upswing in the generation of baby boomers. This development can be attributed to various factors. On the one hand, motorized bicycles are becoming more and more affordable and thus attractive to more and more people.

On the other hand, they offer an environmentally friendly alternative to the car or public transport. The improved infrastructure for cyclists also contributes to this trend – also because many large cities now also offer rental bikes.

Electric bikes: the corona crash seems to be over

According to Strava, more and more women are cycling to work. (Image: Strava)

Due to the corona pandemic, the use of bicycles to get to work has dropped by a full 15 percent due to home office and lockdown. In the meantime, however, the trend seems to have broken and the level from 2019 has almost been reached again.

And this despite the fact that working from home is still increasing in many places. According to de, annual review by Strava, more users than users use their bikes again to get to work.

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