Investor Larissa Skarke specializes in climate tech startups.

Germany wants to be climate-neutral by 2045 – this is what the climate protection law of the traffic light coalition says. In addition to changes in individual behavior, this requires one thing above all: innovation. The Berlin World Fund has specialized in investing in startups that contribute precisely to this with their product or service.

“For the DACH area, climate tech is an opportunity to reposition itself as an industrial location,” says investment manager Larissa Skarke in an interview with Gründerszene. The industry is also promising for investors – although there is still room for improvement in the distribution of capital.

According to a report by Net Zero Insights, a total of 35.6 billion dollars was invested in the European climate tech industry last year, around a seventh of it in Germany. In order to achieve the German climate targets by 2030, according to a calculation by the German Energy Agency, almost 23 billion euros would have to flow into climate tech start-ups every year, i.e. almost five times as much risk capital.


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