Researchers from China are currently developing a giant plasma energy shield. The goal: to defend military installations from potential attacks.

The year 2024 also started with global conflicts. The everyday life of many people in Ukraine continues to be overshadowed by the war. At the same time, the situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip is unstable. But other nations also face future conflicts. These include the USA and China.

In China, researchers from the Chinese military are therefore working on developing a plasma energy shield that could come from a science fiction film. The goal is to protect sensitive military technology from high-energy radiation. The scientists developed a new technology based on a “low-temperature plasma shield”.

China develops plasma energy shield based on Tai Chi

The energy shield is intended to protect sensitive circuits from electromagnetic weapon attacks. The protection is designed for attacks of up to 170 kilowatts at a distance of just three meters. The feasibility of the unusual technology has already been demonstrated in laboratory tests. Now the team is working on downsizing it so that it can be put to practical use.

The idea behind the plasma shield is based on principles reminiscent of Tai Chi. Instead of directly counteracting electromagnetic attacks, the system converts the attacker's energy into a defensive force. The plasma energy shield absorbs the energy of the electromagnetic waves, turning the particles into a highly active state. As the attack power increases, the plasma in space condenses and reflects most of the energy like a mirror.

Plasma shield is not intended to protect objects from all radiation

Another goal is to keep the dimensions, mass and energy consumption of the energy shield generator as small as possible. But at the same time it should be ensured that the energy shield can withstand high-energy microwave attacks. The technology also does not interfere with low-energy electromagnetic waves, as protected drones or missiles must also send or receive signals.

As innovative as this technology sounds. The new development is unlikely to defuse potential conflicts. Modern manufacturing methods now have a significant impact on global security and could undermine peace efforts.

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