The international insurance group ARAG commissioned CONET to support them in the development of a company-wide chatbot platform, including advice and appropriate training. The virtual assistants are designed and implemented on the basis of Cognigy.AI.

initial situation

ARAG SE is the largest family-owned insurance company in Germany. Active in 19 countries, she has many years of experience in legal protection. In order to optimize communication with customers, the insurance group commissioned CONET with support in the design and implementation of virtual assistants.

The insurance company already had a chatbot operation, which, however, did not fully meet the increasing demands for flexibility and process optimization. The previous procedure for implementing new chatbot functions required complex definitions of requirements on the part of the specialist departments and subsequent implementation by the internal IT specialists. In the dynamic insurance environment in particular, this approach required a great deal of coordination, coordination and processing.

There was therefore a desire for a powerful bot platform that would enable specialist departments to independently adapt their own virtual assistants. In addition, existing IT systems should be seamlessly integrated and the bot platform should be expanded company-wide.


At the start of the project, ARAG SE and CONET carried out a comprehensive requirements analysis in close cooperation.

CONET’s main task was to support the customer in the design and implementation of Cognigy.AI-based chatbots. As a certified Cognigy partner, CONET has extensive expertise to train the respective departments in how to use the bot platform and to set up their own chat bot solutions.

In addition to comprehensive advice, CONET therefore held a series of workshops in which those responsible in the specialist departments acquired both introductory and in-depth knowledge of dealing with artificial intelligence and bots. In addition, CONET accompanied the improved integration of processes and systems, for example by implementing flexible interfaces to Microsoft 365, Google Analytics or SharePoint Online, for example.

To use

By working closely with the various user groups throughout the entire implementation process of bot systems, CONET contributed to achieving the desired project goals.

ARAG’s customer advisors can now largely design and adapt chatbots themselves, even for complex tasks. This avoids complex coordination processes and simplifies and speeds up processing. ARAG SE can now automatically answer many customer inquiries at any time with the help of the newly deployed chatbots. Effort and costs are thus reduced and the specialist departments are relieved of simple, recurring inquiries and tasks.

Inspired by the first quick examples of success, the customer is already developing further use cases. In the further course, the solution is to be used company-wide in Germany and gradually also in the branches in other countries.

Daniel Keller supports CONET as a working student in the area of ​​marketing and communications and devotes himself to the social media channels.


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