The Ray-Ban sunglasses from Meta will soon also be available in Germany. In the future, users will be able to upload everything they see directly to Instagram or Facebook. The backgrounds.

Recently, Meta and Ray-Ban presented a new generation of their smart glasses collection. With it, users can, among other things, make phone calls, take photos and videos and listen to podcasts. For the first time, the camera sunglasses will also be available in Germany.

Meta: Ray-Ban sunglasses get new AI functions

“From music festivals and birthday parties to first steps, graduation and beyond, the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses free you from the constraints of a camera in hand,” says the official blog post. Instead, users wear their recording device directly on their nose. “Not just reliving the moment, but actually living in it,” is how Meta describes how the camera glasses work.

Meta redeveloped the device from the ground up and improved all of the core functions of the first generation. The company has also added new AI functions.

For example, wearers can contact Meta AI directly with the command “Hey Meta”. However, the artificial intelligence functions are initially only available in the USA and there only in the beta version. In the future, however, users should be able to talk to the glasses and other multimodal AI-supported functions are also being planned.

Camera sunglasses allows automatic upload

The new generation of smart glasses has a 12-megapixel camera with ultra-wide-angle resolution. New special speakers also have extended bass, a higher maximum volume and improved directional sound. Five microphones also support immersive audio recording.

Using the “Send Photo” voice command, users can share their photos directly from their glasses to friends and family. At the same time, you have the option of immediately uploading the recorded content to Instagram and Facebook. You can preview comments and hear them out loud if necessary.

The Ray-Ban camera sunglasses from Meta come with a special charging case and in different looks. It is also compatible with prescription lenses. It will be available in stores from October 17, 2023. The price starts at the equivalent of 283 euros. Those interested can also pre-order the smart glasses online.

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