Whether wedding photos, doctoral dissertations or invoices: Many people who want to back up their data have stopped using external hard drives for a long time. Instead, documents and the like often end up in a cloud. In our weekly ranking we show you the best cloud providers – according to Stiftung Warentest.

For many people, backups on external hard drives have long been a thing of the past. Nowadays, backup copies of our data and passwords are created automatically in the background – thanks to internet-based cloud services. Anyone can buy storage space online and leave the data backup to the software.

At the same time, the data from the cloud can be used in a variety of ways. Links to photo galleries can be shared or projects can be worked on together from different locations.

The best cloud providers in comparison

Stiftung Warentest tested nine cloud storage services to find out how quickly the programs work, how easy they are to use and how well the accounts are protected. In the following ranking we show you the best cloud providers in comparison.

Platz 9: Livedrive Briefcase

Ninth place in the ranking of the best cloud providers goes to Livedrive Briefcase with the Overall grade 4.9. The provider charges 11.99 euros per month for the tested tariff with two terabytes of storage space. Stiftung Warentest classifies the software as faulty. The software did not fully synchronize the test folder. In addition, the data transfer was very slow in the test. The program offers little versatility. The data protection declaration has clear deficiencies.

Platz 9: Livedrive Briefcase. (Foto: Livedrive)

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2024/05/18/besten-cloud-anbieter/

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