8ink's founding team (from left to right): Dr. Paul Baade, Dr. Christina Sauter, Leon Baade and Dr. Karl-Philipp Schlichting.

Why and what are clear: In order to reduce CO₂ emissions, the automotive industry needs more batteries. The technology of choice also seems clear: it should be lithium-ion batteries, which are lighter, smaller, quick to charge and safer than common liquid electrolyte batteries. According to a study by management consultancy Porsche Consulting, the battery market could grow by 35 percent annually by 2030. But who is going to produce all these batteries?

Three scientists and a business guy

The Swiss startup 8inks wants to help: with a new battery production process that is supposed to be up to ten times faster and 30 percent more cost-effective. The startup is a spin-off from ETH Zurich. Founder and CEO Paul Baade wrote his doctoral thesis in battery research there. Co-founder Leon Baade brings experience from Google and working with automotive companies as Chief Business Officer, Dr. Christina Sauter (CTO) and Dr. Karl-Philipp Schlichting (COO) specializes in battery technology and nanoscience for energy technology.

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The company itself explains its patented production technology as follows: Based on production techniques in the paper and photo industries, 8inks worked with a “multi-layer coating process”. This saves costs in terms of both investment and operating expenses. At the same time, the process would improve the energy density of the batteries. Everything is already working in the laboratory and in test facilities; pilot plants are now to be built after the first financing.

The team raised three million euros in a pre-seed round. The Swiss fund Founderful was in charge, accompanied by Übermorgen Ventures, also from Switzerland. Angel Invest, Another.vc, Venture Kick, the ETH Foundation and business angels also contributed.

Here we show you the pitch deck with which the founders convinced the investors. You can find more pitch decks here.


Source: https://www.businessinsider.de/gruenderszene/special/erfolgreiche-pitchdeck-beispiele-millionenfinanzierungen/batterie-startup-so-ueberzeugten-diese-gruender-investoren-von-ihrer-technologie/

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