The German company Gotion, in cooperation with VW, wants to bring a battery onto the market that promises hundreds of kilometers of range in just ten minutes.

Electric cars currently still face a number of challenges. One example is the charging time. Charging an electric car takes longer than refueling a combustion engine. But that could soon change. The Volkswagen-backed manufacturer Gotion recently began producing a new battery that promises a charging time of just ten minutes for a range of several hundred kilometers.

This progress also poses a challenge to the competition and could lead to further innovations. Gotion has even introduced three new types of batteries that stand out for their charging speed and efficiency. They are said to enable a longer range and shorter charging times, which can be particularly beneficial for long-distance drivers.

Battery promises long range with ten minutes charging time

The fast charging time of the new batteries could solve the main problem of electromobility. Until now, owners of electric cars were often forced to take long breaks at charging stations. This reduced the attractiveness of e-mobility compared to conventional combustion engines. A range of 600 kilometers should be possible with a charging time of ten minutes.

In addition to the fast charging time, the new battery also offers a longer lifespan and improved energy density. This means that car owners can not only charge their vehicles faster, but also use them for longer.

At the same time, the range increases because the new batteries store more energy in the same space. This could reduce the operating costs of electric vehicles and further improve their environmental footprint. Volkswagen saw the potential of the technology early on and wants to strengthen its own position in the growing electromobility market.

Acceptance of electric cars could continue to rise

The support of a major car manufacturer like Volkswagen shows confidence in the innovation and the potential to take electromobility to a new level. By working with Gotion, Volkswagen could equip its electric vehicle fleet with these advanced batteries, further promoting the adoption of electric cars.

The introduction of the new batteries could also affect the infrastructure for charging electric vehicles. Shorter charging times reduce the problem of the stalled expansion of the charging infrastructure. This is because faster charging processes mean that stations are free again relatively quickly and available to other drivers. This makes the charging infrastructure more efficient and cost-effective.

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