Losing unsecured data due to hardware failure or simple carelessness is annoying in private. It is even worse when your own business success depends on the security of the data. We show you the dangers of data loss and present a backup solution.

Impossible Cloud, a German cloud provider, has developed a backup solution: They combine the best of the world of centralized storage systems with the advantages of decentralized data storage technologies. Thus, they promise a reliable data storage solution that is more reliable and costs less.

The dangers of data loss without backup

The need for regular data backups is undisputed across all industries. The loss of business-sensitive records can cause tremendous damage to a company’s revenue and reputation. Beyond data loss, the growing threat of cybercrime is also a major argument in favor of backups.

In the first third of 2023 alone, 2,000 companies worldwide fell victim to ransomware attacks – with ransom demands averaging EUR 255,000. An expensive reminder that data is money.

Reach your destination safely and compliantly with the backup solution from Impossible Cloud

Impossible Cloud Storage offers data storage technology that stores data in high-performance data centers. In these certified data centers (including ISO27001, SOC2), data is secure and can be called up at any time. This ensures both compliance and the availability of the data.

Speaking of secured, Impossible Cloud capitalizes on the security aspect of their backup solution. They combine both centralized and decentralized security technology to protect data from cybercrime. Data is encrypted and stored in enterprise-class data centers.

Beyond the security aspect, Impossible Cloud promises simple and user-friendly handling. It is possible to configure backups to be immutable for a user-defined period of time. This not only provides additional data protection, but also complies with state and local government data protection regulations.

Impossible Cloud Storage is particularly well suited for small and medium-sized companies thanks to a wide range of integrations. This means a particularly easy backup without installing new software. So you only have the advantages of the Impossible Cloud storage solution and can otherwise continue to work with your preferred software.

Backup strategy: The 1-by-1 of data backup

One of the most popular backup methods is the so-called “3-2-1 rule”. Briefly explained, this says: Three copies of the relevant data are to be copied on two different media, with an external backup copy.

The “4-2-2 backup strategy” even goes one step further: four copies on two types of media and two external backup copies should make valuable data untouchable.

Whichever of these options suits your business better, Impossible Cloud offers the ability to easily store multiple copies of sensitive records.

Skalierbares Backup: „Pay-as-you-grow“

Impossible Cloud cites its “pay-as-you-grow” scalability as a key benefit of its cloud services. Data backup is associated with enormous useful volume, which can quickly become expensive. Impossible Cloud customers can transparently estimate the actual costs in advance through a simple and intuitive payment model.

The user only pays for what is actually saved and retained. In contrast to other providers, there are no costs for deleted data records, for example. Repeated access to the cloud is also not associated with additional costs. Business plans start at $9.99 per terabyte, including one terabyte of egress.

Customers can try the backup for free. No credit card or other form of payment is required. This is how backup works better!

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/03/28/backup-impossible-cloud/

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