In the US city of Cheyenne in the state of Wyoming, the election for mayor is coming up. But the outcome of the election is likely to be exciting, because an artificial intelligence could also be considered as the new mayor.

An artificial intelligence as mayor? This could soon become a reality in the US city of Cheyenne in the state of Wyoming, as Wired reported.

According to the report, Victor Miller, a human, has put himself forward as a candidate. However, if he is elected, he wants to hand over the reins of government to his AI bot VIC.

Will the first artificial intelligence become mayor here?

VIC is an abbreviation for Virtual Integrated Citizen. The AI ​​bot is based on ChatGPT and is intended to run the city of Chayenne, Wyoming, if Victor Miller wins the election.

In his opinion, VIC, the chat bot, has much better ideas and a much better understanding of laws. And that even compared to people currently working in government, as Miller told Wired announces.

I have come to realize that this being is much smarter than I am and, more importantly, much better than some of the outward-looking public servants I see.

If Victor Miller wins the election, however, he does not want to sit back and relax. He will act as a “puppet” for the chat bot and will, for example, attend meetings, sign documents and carry out work in the city administration.

Is AI even allowed to run for office?

Whether this is legal, however, is still being debated. Miller believes he is in the right because, in theory, he is running for office as a human being.

According to Wired, Chuck Gray, the Secretary of State of Wyoming, is monitoring the events. Anyone running for office must be a “qualified voter.” This requires that they “be a real person.”

Therefore, an AI bot is not a qualified voter

For this reason, Gray has also called for Victor Miller's candidacy to be rejected, because Miller's application violates Wyoming's Election Code.

What does OpenAI say about the AI ​​Mayor?

Miller did not ask for permission in advance from OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. According to Wired, this could pose a problem for his candidacy.

According to OpenAI spokeswoman Liz Bourgeois, the company is taking action against the bot “due to a violation of our policies against political campaign activity.”

In case VIC is shut down by OpenAI, Miller wants to move to Metas Llama 3, because it is an open source model.

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