A supermarket in Gelsenkirchen has had its parking lot monitored by artificial intelligence for some time. Since then, there has been a downright hail of fines for foreign buyers.

Technology has become indispensable in many areas. In our everyday life, AI systems are already being used at train stations and airports. But now a supermarket operator in Gelsenkirchen has apparently also discovered artificial intelligence to monitor its parking lot.

But as the daily newspaper Welt reports, the system causes a lot of trouble. The owner, meanwhile, used a common practice for parking surveillance, namely the services of a third-party provider. This saves the supermarket from having to monitor its own parking space and, in return, transfers a small commission to a service provider.

Gelsenkirchen: Artificial intelligence monitors parking lot

The special thing about the approach of the service provider Parkvision is that the systems not only recognize license plates, but also walking routes. And that seems to flush the provider a lot of money into the coffers. Because many customers usually still visit the local pharmacy and go far away from their vehicle and the parking lot without permission.

Theoretically, you are only allowed to park while you are in the supermarket. If you go to another shop, you will receive mail from Parkvision within a few weeks. Notices also refer to the rules, so that the provider sees himself in the right with his approach. However, experts see a legal gray area.

Parking lot surveillance via AI: DEKRA and the data protection authority examine the facts

If the testing company DEKRA has its way, the service provider grants itself more rights than the law grants it. The Hessian State Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information has already received masses of complaints. Consequently, checking for possible violations is currently on the authority’s list of priorities.

The supermarket, on the other hand, is unlikely to benefit from his approach. Because many customers are said to be migrating and buying elsewhere. The only problem is that the supply situation in the district concerned is not particularly good. An example of how you can exaggerate with artificial intelligence.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/03/27/parkplatz-ki/

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