Advertisements for Apple's new iPad Pro recently caused outrage among creatives. Now the tech company has officially apologized for its misstep. It admits that the so-called “crush” clip “missed its mark.” The backgrounds.

Apple apologized last Thursday after advertising for its latest iPad Pro model sparked criticism. This was first reported by the American magazine Ad Age.

The so-called “Crush” clip shows a number of electronic products, musical instruments and other items from the creative industry that are gradually crushed by an industrial shredder. Now the tech giant has officially apologized for the advertising.

Failed advertising: Apple wanted to celebrate creative people

The campaign was actually intended to promote and celebrate creative people and, above all, to emphasize how much power and creative potential there is in the new iPad Pro. The video ends with the words: “The most powerful iPad of all time is also the thinnest.” However, creative people in particular criticized the new advertising heavily, including actor Hugh Grand, director Reed Morano and developer Tyler Glaiel.

She and many others found the spot a bleak portrayal of technology destroying the history of human creativity. This has been causing existential concerns for people in the creative industry, at least since the steady development of artificial intelligence.

Apple apologizes in an official statement

In response to the strong criticism, Apple has now admitted that the video clip missed its goal. In one Ad Age In this statement, the company apologized for the “Crush” spot and said it was not intended to offend creative audiences.

“Creativity is in our DNA at Apple, and it’s incredibly important to us to create products that empower creatives around the world,” said Tor Myhren, vice president of brand communications at the company. The goal was to celebrate the countless ways in which users express themselves with the iPad and bring their ideas to life.

The spot debuted last Tuesday on Apple's YouTube channel and on the X-Account published by CEO Tim Cook. Initially it was also planned to broadcast the clip on TV. However, Apple is now refraining from doing this.

This is how companies stepped into the fray with advertising

For Apple, this misstep is more of an exception. The creative community usually celebrates the iPhone inventor's advertising campaigns. The Super Bowl spot “1984” and the “Think Different” campaign are now considered classics in advertising history. Apple's “The Greatest” commercial for its current accessibility features also won an Emmy Award in 2023.

However, this is not the first time that a well-known company has made a mistake or made a faux pas. For example, Nivea has been accused of racism in the past for its “White is Purity” campaign. The Austrian language school Berlitz combined the phrase “Enjoy life in full trains” with a man who resembled a Jewish caricature, causing an uproar.

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