The feature has been available on Google Maps for quite some time. But now Apple is following suit. In the future, users of the map app will also be able to have bicycle routes displayed.

Since 2020, users of the Apple Maps app have also been able to display routes for bicycles. Now the function is finally coming to Germany – even without the need for an update.

This brings the bicycle navigationi in the maps app

Apple completely overhauled its map app last year. So now the bicycle function is following – just in time for spring. The feature is available throughout Germany from today and offers not only navigation for the bike but also other details.

For example, you can also display the condition of the route. This includes information about the altitude profile of the route or whether it leads past a busy road. With the function “Avoid inclines or busy roads” you can avoid such routes for your bike route.

Apple has also taken care of the breaks with its map update. Because you can also display places along the way – similar to the gas station on a car route. These include public toilets, rest areas and bicycle repair shops.

However, the new function for bike routes in Apple’s Maps app is not only available on the iPhone. The Apple Watch also supports the new feature and gives haptic signals on the wrist.

Maps app with bike navigation: 3D city views

The innovations in the map app also bring another new detail for Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Because Apple will also offer detailed 3D city views in the application in the future.

For example, bridges or tunnels, but also parks are shown in detail in . This also applies to the turning lanes on streets, bus and taxi lanes, pedestrian crossings or footpaths.

Sights also stand out clearly from the maps. These include, for example, the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin TV Tower as well as the Frauenkirche in Munich.

Pedestrians also benefit

In the future, Apple will also be bringing this 3D view for pedestrians to other cities in Germany. The function was previously available in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Munich.

In the future, however, pedestrians in Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Essen, Cologne, Leipzig and Stuttgart will also be able to have their directions given in augmented reality. Apple accesses the image from the camera and overlays it with the navigation from the map app.

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