Apple is apparently currently working on its own artificial intelligence called “Apple GPT”. That’s what the company’s developers would call the AI, at least internally. Before the tool comes onto the market, the US company still has to fine-tune its marketing strategy.

After ChatGPT developer OpenAI triggered a real hype with its artificial intelligence, the competition followed suit. Because Meta, Microsoft and Google have now also launched their own AI tools. Only Apple has so far remained relatively covered in the AI ​​competition.

Apple GPT: Apple develops its own artificial intelligence

Internally, however, the iPhone group is apparently already working on its own artificial intelligence in order to compete with ChatGPT and Co. That comes from a report by the news agency Bloomberg out.

According to this, the company’s developers are already working on an AI language model that they call “Apple GPT” internally. According to reports, the US group has also developed an in-house framework codenamed “Ajax” to create additional AI tools.

Sea Bloomberg The programming framework runs on Google Cloud and was developed with Google JAX, a framework for machine learning. Ajax apparently serves Apple as a basis for creating its own ChatGPT-style AI language models.

Artificial intelligence: Apple is keeping a low profile

Even if Apple GPT is not officially available either internally or externally, numerous Apple employees are apparently already testing and using the AI ​​tool. The chatbot is designed to help them develop prototypes for products. The artificial intelligence can summarize texts and answer questions based on trained data.

As Bloomberg reports, citing insiders, there is still no decision on whether and how the technology should be made available to end users. However, Apple is currently looking for AI experts and has published a number of relevant job postings on its careers page.

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