At the beginning of June 2024, Apple presented its new AI system for iPhone, iPad and Mac. But Apple Intelligence will probably not be launched in the EU for the time being. The background.

It was only at the beginning of June that Apple introduced its AI system Apple Intelligence as “the personal intelligent system for iPhone, iPad and Mac”. But users in the EU will probably have to wait much longer before they can use the AI ​​on their devices.

Because how Bloomberg reported that Apple does not want to bring the AI ​​system to market in the EU for the time being. The reason for this is said to be the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Apple Intelligence will not launch in the EU for the time being

The Digital Markets Act regulates the competitive conditions on the digital market in the EU. The EU regulation is intended to ensure that the large tech companies do not dominate the market as gatekeepers, but that competition remains possible.

It is precisely these regulations from the DMA that are now likely to ensure that Apple will not introduce its new AI system Apple Intelligence in the EU for the time being. According to the report by Bloomberg believe that the DMA’s regulations could endanger the security and privacy of users.

But it is not only the introduction of Apple Intelligence in the EU that is to be postponed. According to Bloomberg This also applies to iPhone mirroring on the Mac and Shareplay screen sharing.

Apple is already in the sights of regulators

In recent years, Apple has repeatedly clashed with EU regulators and incurred one or two fines. Just in April, the EU Commission imposed a fine of more than 1.8 billion euros.

The company is said to have abused its market position for the distribution of music streaming apps and thus violated competition law.

The EU Commission is currently also dealing with the iPhone group. Two weeks after the deadline for implementing the DMA expired, the EU Commission has launched an investigation into non-compliance against Apple.

When will Apple Intelligence launch outside the EU?

Apple Intelligence is scheduled to enter beta in the fall and will then be available to users with English as the device language. However, users will need at least an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Apple has not provided any more detailed information on the extent to which the DMA endangers privacy and security. It remains to be seen whether Apple Intelligence will also launch in the EU. In the past, Apple has already reversed similar announcements following poor user feedback.

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