The Amazon Smart TVs will also be available in Europe in the future. This is the first time Amazon is bringing its own Fire TV devices to the German market. We will show you which models are available and what the different devices can do.

Amazon’s Fire TV has become indispensable in many households – whether integrated into the Smart TV or as a stick to supplement. Amazon has been cooperating with other manufacturers for its smart televisions for several years.

In September, the group then presented its own TV devices for the first time, in which Fire TV is directly integrated. Since then they have not been available on the German market. But that should change now.

What can the Smart TV from Amazon do?

Amazon promises its customers a “more intelligent and intuitive television experience” with its in-house smart televisions. The group obviously hit a nerve with this, because “TVs are the fastest growing segment of the Fire TV business,” explains Emma Gilmartin, Director Fire TV EU.

With the Ambient TV function, the new devices from Amazon offer a user interface that is strongly reminiscent of that of a smartphone with widgets. Thanks to built-in motion sensors, the Amazon TV switches on the ambient surface as soon as a person enters the room.

The details of Ambient TV

With Ambient TV, users can turn their Amazon TV into a smart display. Because thanks to the adapted Alexa widgets, the television can display informative content such as a calendar, reminders or notes.

With the ambient function, users can also use the television as a large digital picture frame. Because they have access to what Amazon says is a “growing collection” with more than 1,700 photos and curated works of art.

Over the course of the year, Amazon plans to add dynamic art to its offering. As soon as the function is available, it is based on external factors such as temperature, time of day or weather and adapts the respective works of art to the environment. The Smart TV can also run your own photos in a slide show.

Of course, the language assistant Alexa should not be missing from an Amazon device. Users can also integrate their Alexa routines into the smart TV or control their smart home settings.

Amazon Smart TV: What models are there?

Amazon launches its Smart TV in three different models. The Omni series has a 4K QLED display. The Fire TV 4 series includes screens with a 4K UHD resolution. With the Fire TV 2 series, Amazon distinguishes between the 32-inch model with 720 HD resolution and the 40-inch model with Full 1080 HD resolution.

As with the Fire TV 2 series, the Omni series and the Fire TV 4 series also come in different sizes and price ranges. Interested parties can pre-order all devices from Amazon. Some can already be delivered from April 12th, the remaining models will follow on June 1st.

Delivery from April 12th

Delivery from June 1st

The prices listed are the MSRP prices for the new Amazon Smart TVs. However, the devices are currently available at significantly lower prices. Because the group offers savings of up to 250 euros for the introduction.

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