The US start-up Alef Aeronautics presented its first flying car with its “Model A” in October 2022. The company has now received test approval in the USA. The vehicle should be able to both fly and drive.

The dream of flying cars has fascinated many people for decades. The film industry in particular plays a large part in this. So far, however, no company has presented a concept for a vehicle that can impress both in the air and on the road. But that could change soon.

The US start-up Alef Aeronautics recently presented its first flying car, the “Model A”. Eight rotors should enable safe take-off and transport in the air. The vehicle can apparently also drive “normally” on the road.

Alef presents a flying car that can also drive

The Model A therefore has four wheels in addition to the eight rotors. The flying car can also carry up to two passengers. Once at flight altitude, a motor rotates the vehicle to a vertical condition.

The driver’s cab remains in a horizontal orientation during the complete transformation. The Model A has an electric motor and, according to Alef, needs a break after 170 kilometers at the latest.

No special landing sites required for Alef

The vehicle appears to be the first working flying car of its kind. According to reports, Alef Aeronautics has therefore received test approval for its vehicle for the first time. After the presentation at the end of 2022, the flying car can even be pre-ordered.

A first version is expected to appear in 2025 and will cost around $300,000. A cheaper version should appear by 2030. The crux of the matter: So far there has been no approval for flying cars in public space. Therefore, only use on private property seems conceivable at first.

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