Apple’s AirPods have numerous features. Some of them are well hidden. However, the “Live monitoring” function can also be misused for eavesdropping. The backgrounds.

The “Live listening” function is actually intended to use the AirPods as a hearing aid. According to Apple, the feature can “help hear a conversation in a noisy area or even a person speaking across the room.”

“Listen live”: AirPods function can be misused for eavesdropping

The iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can also use the function as a microphone and send sounds to the AirPods or Beats. However, it is primarily an operating aid for the hard of hearing, in order to be able to better understand conversation partners.

However, “listening live” also has its downsides. Because the function can be misused to eavesdrop on others with the AirPods. Numerous users on Reddit have recently recognized the potential for abuse. Because as an external microphone, the Apple headphones are suitable as a spy tool – even several meters away or in another room.

Apple: How to set up Live Monitoring on iPhone

However, the function is not intended to eavesdrop on others via the AirPods. Anyone who uses the function in this way can ultimately even be prosecuted. Because private individuals have no right to record other people’s conversations or to overhear them in this way.

However, since 2014 and iOS 12, the function can be used as a hearing aid. To use Listen Live, you must first enable the feature and pair your AirPods with your iPhone or iPad. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the “Ideas‘ on your device and click ‘control center„.
  2. Now activate the option “Hear‘ via the corresponding button.
  3. Now exit the setting and make sure your AirPods are connected to the device.
  4. Now you canListen live‘ by opening the control center again by swiping from the top right edge of the screen. To activate the function, click on the button with the ear image.

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