Google has become one of the most popular apps used by millions of people worldwide for navigation. Now the Alphabet subsidiary has a new feature: in the future you will also be able to display clear directions on Google Maps.

Google Maps is probably one of the apps that pretty much everyone has installed on their smartphone. In the USA alone, the navigation app from Alphabet was the most downloaded navigation app in 2023 with around 21 million downloads.

Globally, Google Maps even comes in second place compared to its sister apps from the group. With around eleven million downloads worldwide in September 2023 alone, Google Maps is only put in its place by YouTube and YouTube Kids.

In order to keep these many users engaged, Google Maps has now improved its usability. In the future you will also be able to display clear directions on Google Maps.

This is how you can activate clear directions on Google Maps

In the future, you can also switch to the mode with clear directions when navigating on Google Maps. This new feature could have a positive impact on your battery.

With the new function, you no longer have to have the app permanently open to find out the next step in navigation. If you have activated clear directions, Google Maps will now show you the next instructions and your arrival time on the lock screen.

You can switch on this mode for navigation by car, but also for walking or cycling. If you use an Android smartphone, you may already be able to access the new feature. Users with an iPhone will have to be patient a little longer.

But even on Android, you may not be able to switch on the new function yet because Google has only just started introducing it. However, you can register as a beta tester for Google Maps and thus continue to access new functions right from the start.

This is how you switch to mode with clear directions

Open Google Maps and tap your Google Account icon. This is either your profile picture, if you have one stored, or your initial.

Here you will find the settings. Open this and look for the navigation settings here. There you can turn on the Directions setting to be visible during navigation.

Now you can start your navigation on Google Maps as normal. The difference, however, is that if you lock your smartphone during this time, you can see on the lock screen when the next turn is coming and when you are expected to reach your destination.

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