The two founders of the Munich software startup Mindfuel: Nadiem von Heydebrand and Maximilian Könnings.
Hubert Neufeld/ Mindfuel

There's a meme that makes the rounds every few days on Linkedin and other platforms. On it you can see a colorful pile of Lego bricks that are “Data”. In the second picture these stones are sorted by color, “sorted date”. Single-colored towers are then built from this, which are “arranged data”. And at the very end, a great Lego house is created that stands for “Data, explained with a story”.

That, very roughly, is what Mindfuel does. The startup from Munich, founded in 2020, helps companies – figuratively speaking – build Lego houses. And specifically: The software company offers a platform called “Delight” that makes it easier for those responsible for data to make “real value contributions” from the data sets of different business areas, i.e. to sort, arrange and put masses of data into context. The aim is to show more clearly how money can be made or saved from the collected data, and what return on investment, i.e. capital gain, is possible.

Everyone has more and more data – but not everyone knows why

Smaller companies in particular, explain the creators of Mindfuel, “often find it difficult to generate real added value from data, to manage their resources effectively and to align them with the overall strategy”. According to its own information, Mindfuel has already acquired customers in the insurance, telecommunications, consumer goods and publishing industries. These include Vodafone, HelloFresh and the Cornelsen publishing house.

Now the aim is to expand and commercialize the offer across Europe – this is made possible by a successfully completed seed round in which 3.75 million euros were raised. The lead investor was Project A. The founder and general partner of the VC, Florian Heinemann, praised the “pioneering work” that the two Munich founders have done so far with Mindfuel in a press release about the financing.

Here we show you the pitch deck with which the founders convinced the investors. You can find more pitch decks here.



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