In the series “Homescreen!” we regularly present the home screens of people from the social media, marketing, media and tech industries – including app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to a quick game for in between. Today: Amanda Maiwald, co-founder and CEO of the digital education service Complori.

Amanda Maiwald: My home screen is a mix of business and personal. Communication is the be-all and end-all for me, so WhatsApp (for Android) and Slack (for Android) are indispensable for communicating with my team and friends. I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn (for Android) for work to network and follow current trends.

Amanda Maiwald: The best apps for reading and learning

I have always loved learning. When I'm on the go, I especially like to use my time to read or listen to podcasts. I collect books that I want to read in the future on Goodreads (for Android) and I also track the books that I have already read very consistently.

For quick nuggets of knowledge, I use Blinkist (for Android) – especially for non-fiction books that I can't read in their entirety but whose core messages interest me. Otherwise, I keep myself up to date with a mixture of news and newsletters: Tagesspiegel (for Android), The Economist (for Android), Medium (for Android) and Substack (for Android).

Classics for organization and everyday life

Whether professionally or privately, I record my thoughts and ideas in the notes app so that I always have everything important in view. The app is my digital memory, so to speak, in which I collect particularly spontaneous thoughts.

In everyday life, I use apps like DB Navigator (for Android) to plan my trips and Flink (for Android) for quick and easy shopping. I can't imagine my everyday life without these apps.

The home screen of Amanda Maiwald, co-founder and CEO of the digital education offering Complori.

Productivity and relaxation: for me, not a contradiction

Out of professional curiosity, I love testing new Gen AI apps like Pi (for Android) or EdTech apps like Ahead to always stay up to date with the latest technology. For my daily productivity, I rely on Superhuman (for Android) and Sunsama (for Android), which help me work efficiently with their outstanding UX design.

Superhuman revolutionizes the way I handle emails with intelligent features and AI support, and Sunsama organizes my tasks and projects seamlessly. I use Calm (for Android) to meditate, especially in the evening when I'm falling asleep. The app helps me to calm down after a long day and relax my mind.

I've been passionate about padel for a few months now and use the Playtomic app (for Android) to organize games. Padel is a brilliant way to be physically active and at the same time get into a real flow state. At the weekend I like to go running with friends and track my activities with Strava (for Android) – the perfect app to achieve my sporting goals.

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