Almost the entire tech industry has been in decline for more than half a year. As a result, there are some tech stocks that have become attractive to growth and dividend investors. We want to introduce you to eight of these securities.

What is the return on your money in your savings book, checking account or call money account at your bank? 0.1 percent? 0.01 percent? Or does your bank even punish you with negative interest rates? Regardless of your answer, more and more people are starting to invest their money in the stock market.

According to the Deutsches Aktien-Institut (DAI), there are at least 12.4 million investors in Germany who invest in shares, ETFs and funds – and the trend is rising. This corresponds to the highest level for 20 years!

Tech stocks with potential: 8 future-oriented investments

While at the beginning of the Corona crisis, technology groups in particular were among the biggest beneficiaries, the picture has changed significantly since the end of 2021.

The electricity and raw material-intensive sector in particular is suffering from rising raw material costs, supply bottlenecks and the war in Ukraine. This even applies to industry heavyweights such as Apple and Amazon.

Due to the rapid crash, however, there are some tech stocks that have partly returned to a fair price level. With the disappearance of the massive overvaluation, these securities have become interesting again for many.

That’s why we want to introduce you to a total of eight tech stocks that have lost massively in the past six months, but still have a promising business model and therefore theoretically have a lot of upside potential.

All of the companies mentioned and the associated shares do not explicitly represent an investment recommendation. The return, the reputation or a possible “discount” should not be the only factors for an investment.


Netflix is ​​the largest streaming service in the world. Though user growth has slowed, subscription revenue is still bubbling up. Nonetheless, it seems like the stock market has lost faith in Netflix.

Since the high of 617.90 euros in December 2021, Netflix shares have lost over 75 percent in value. The price is currently around 170 euros. Since nothing has changed in the business model, there is theoretically a lot of upside potential.

Netflix. (Photo: / Twenty Views)

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