From refrigerators to disco balls: We introduce you to seven unusual things that you can charge and operate with an electric car.

Electric cars are not just means of transport, they are also mobile energy storage devices. It is not for nothing that there are approaches to feeding electricity from electric cars into the house or the local power grid. But why stop there?

Seven things you can charge with an electric car

Theoretically, you can dock so much more to your electric car. There are no limits for the fanatasy. That's exactly why we've put together a (not entirely serious) list of seven things that you can charge with your electric car. Especially during the holiday season, one or two ideas may even be very practical when traveling. 😉

1. Bread maker

Germans always complain about the bread abroad. Cliché or truth? Doesn't matter! Just take your own bread maker and several whole grain bread mixes with you and the problem won't even arise.

Baking bread while traveling? Why not use the bread maker in the electric car?! ( / Wesual Click)

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