If you are currently looking for a new tariff and wanted to buy an iPhone 15 Pro, you can now buy it directly from Vodafone. Here you can currently get 50 GB of data volume for 79.99 euros and only for a short time and you will also receive an Apple iPhone 15 Pro for a one-off price of 149.90 euros. We'll introduce you to the iPhone deal at Vodafone and show you how to secure the deal. But: this is only available for a short time!

Secure GigaMobil M with 50 GB and iPhone 15 Pro from Vodafone

For everyone who wants to secure the new iPhone 15 Pro in 2023, Vodafone has an iPhone deal for Christmas: Get the GigaMobil M tariff with 50 GB of data volume at a speed of up to 500 Mbit/s and surf quickly through the internet. For a one-off additional payment starting at 149.90 euros, you can get the iPhone 15 Pro with an internal memory of 128 GB or more in the current tariff and smartphone offer.

The contract term for this offer is 24 months and the one-time connection price is waived for those interested in the Apple iPhone 15 Pro. What makes the iPhone 15 Pro special is the material titanium. You can choose from the four options Titan Natural, Titan Blue, Titan Black and Titan White. Just choose what you like best.

To the iPhone hammer from Vodafone

iPhone hammer at Vodafone: take your phone number with you and collect a switching bonus

Celebrate the end of the year with us and secure a generous switching bonus of 200 euros until January 10, 2024 when you take out a tariff with a smartphone. To take advantage of this offer, take out a GigaMobil or GigaMobil Young tariff with a smartphone within the promotional period, keep your phone number and switch to Vodafone. After signing the contract, Vodafone will credit you with a 200 euro switching bonus to your account.

If you would like to trade in your old smartphone, that is also possible. Under the applicable conditions, you will receive a one-off amount for your old model. The current GigaMobil-M offer with the Apple iPhone 15 Pro is made even more attractive by the 200 euro exchange bonus and the trade-in of your old smartphone. Saying goodbye to your old smartphone is easier than ever before.

To the iPhone hammer from Vodafone

Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/12/20/iphone-deal-bei-vodafone-iphone15pro/

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