Are you looking for a new mobile phone plan? And your Apple iPhone is already showing its age? At Vodafone you can currently get 50 GB of data volume for 79.99 euros and only for a short time and get an Apple iPhone 15 for just 1 euro. We'll introduce you to Vodafone's iPhone hit in detail. Let me say in advance: Don't wait too long, the deal is only available for a short time.

GigaMobil M mit 50 GB + Apple iPhone 15

At the end of 2023, Vodafone is reducing prices and offering exciting offers to everyone who likes to change. Get the GigaMobil-M tariff with 50 GB of data volume at a speed of up to 500 Mbit/s and surf the internet at lightning speed. For a one-off additional hardware payment of just 1 euro, you will receive the Apple iPhone 15 with an internal memory of 128 GB at a bargain price in the current tariff + smartphone offer.

The contract term for this offer is 24 months and the one-time connection price is waived for those interested in the Apple iPhone 15. Of course, you also have a fashion-conscious choice when you take out this tariff with a smartphone. Should your new iPhone accompany you in pink, blue, yellow, green or black? When ordering, you can easily choose your favorite color with just one click in the configurator.

Here you can also specify when ordering whether you would like to get a little more out of your Apple iPhone. If you want double the storage volume instead of 128 GB of internal storage, you can optionally get the Apple iPhone 15 with 256 GB of storage. With this Vodafone deal, the additional payment is 19.90 euros instead of 1 euro.

To the iPhone hit from Vodafone

iPhone hit at Vodafone: take your phone number with you and collect a switching bonus

And because there is always something to celebrate at the end of the year, you can get a whopping 200 euro switching bonus when you take out a tariff with a smartphone until January 10, 2024. To secure this, you take out a GigaMobil or GigaMobil Young tariff with a smartphone within the promotional period. To do this, keep your phone number and take it with you to Vodafone. Because if you take your phone number with you, Vodafone will credit your account with a 200 euro switching bonus after the contract is signed.

If you would like to trade in your old smartphone as usual, you can of course do that too. Secure a one-off amount for your old model under the applicable conditions. As if the current GigaMobil M offer with the Apple iPhone 15 wasn't attractive enough, saying goodbye to your old smartphone is even easier with the 200 euro exchange bonus and the trade-in of your old smartphone.

To the iPhone hit from Vodafone


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