Are you looking for a new mobile phone plan? With the current congstar offers you can get the Allnet Net Flat M with 30 GB for currently only 22 euros per month or the Allnet Flat L with 50 GB for only 27 euros per month. If you take advantage of this great offer, you will not only save on monthly costs, but you will also benefit from a strong extra in the monthly data volume. In this article we look at the congstar offers in detail.

30 GB data volume and more with the Allnet Flat M

With the Allnet Flat M with GB+ you currently get 30 GB instead of 10 GB of data volume per month for just 22 euros per month with a one-time connection price of 15 euros. Thanks to GB+, you also get 5 GB of data volume per month for free every year.

You can travel with LTE speeds of up to 50 Mbit/s. If you want to surf the 5G network, you can book this for an additional 3 euros per month.

A telephone and SMS flat rate for all German networks is also included in congstar's Allnet Flat M tariff. EU roaming is of course included.

When you take out the Allnet Flat M tariff, you also remain flexible. You can choose whether you want a 24-month term or can cancel monthly without a fixed term. In the latter case, instead of 15.00 euros, a one-off fee of 35.00 euros will be charged for the setup.

Get 30 GB now for just 22 euros

50 GB data volume and more with the Allnet Flat L

If you need more data volume, you might be interested in the Allnet Flat L. Instead of 15 GB of data volume per month, there is currently 50 GB of data volume for just 27 euros per month and GB+ also ensures that you receive 5 GB of data volume per month year after year.

With this tariff you are also on the LTE network, but you can optionally book 5G for just 3 euros per month. Like the Allnet Flat M, the Allnet Flat L tariff also includes a telephony and SMS flat rate to all German networks as well as EU roaming.

The same applies to the term: You can choose either a 24-month term with a setup fee of 15 euros or a monthly cancellable contract with a one-off cost of 35 euros.

congstar offers: The price remains the same

If you take advantage of these offers, you can also look forward to a permanent price fixation. congstar promises: Your price remains your price. This means that the monthly price will not change for you even after the 24-month term has expired and you will then pay the booked price, regardless of the tariff.

Get 50 GB now for just 27 euros


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