Just as one inevitably thinks of .jpg when thinking of image files, PDF is the standard for document management. It’s hard to believe that PDF – and Acrobat Reader – will celebrate its 30th birthday in 2023. What has changed since then – and how has Adobe Acrobat Pro developed in the last 30 years? We’ll also show you five features that you can use to edit your PDFs even faster!

Adobe in everyday life

Anyone who uses a computer will inevitably come into contact with PDFs and Adobe’s related products. In 2022 alone, more than 400 billion PDF files were opened via Adobe’s Reader. And the reader can do more than just display: More than 8 billion electronic transactions and digital signatures processed with the Adobe Document Cloud in the same period.

Adobe is also a loyal digital companion beyond the stationary computer: With more than 150 million downloads, the Adobe Scan app is the leading scan application on iOS and Android. Adobe has the right answer for every document.

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Be more productive with Adobe Acrobat Pro

The products and tools of the Adobe Document Cloud are also indispensable in everyday business.

Adobe Acrobat Pro brings all of these tools together in one application. Whether on the computer, tablet or mobile phone; the workflow is possible across devices. And that goes beyond simple document management. Acrobat Pro is die Complete solution for PDF workflows and electronic signatures.

Adobe Acrobat Pro also ensures significantly more productivity. We introduce you to the five lesser-known features that are really good:

1. Turn scanned paper documents into editable, searchable PDF files

Acrobat Pro doesn’t just scan: the application automatically performs a process called OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This converts scans into editable text and images. Scans can be edited directly in Acrobat.

2. Make sensitive information invisible

Acrobat Pro’s redact option not only obscures information, it permanently removes it from the document. Confidential information stays that way – confidential.

3. Dynamic Stamps

Business stamps can be easily stored and added to scanned documents – all purely digital.

5. Document comparison

It is now possible to compare two PDF files with each other and make the differences directly visible. This makes it easier than ever to track differences in manuscripts.

5. Accessibility assured

With Acrobat Pro it is possible to make files barrier-free. Through the action Barrier-free users are alerted to potential difficulties in the document. It is even possible to specifically select which aspects of accessibility should be checked.

Discover 30 years of innovation

There is more information about the Acrobat products on the Adobe website and the history of the PDF: a short journey through time can be found here. It is also possible to test Acrobat Pro and its functions for 7 days free of charge. Are you interested in how Adobe Document Cloud can help make businesses more sustainable? The Resource Saver Calculator knows!

Test Adobe Acrobat Pro now for 7 days free of charge

Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/07/03/schneller-pdfs-bearbeiten-mit-adobe-acrobat-pro-5-features-die-du-noch-nicht-kanntest/

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