Software for companies supports their competitiveness and future security. We give five examples of business tools that serve to optimize productivity.

1. CRM

This software is used for customer relationship management. The technology is important for companies that want to convert leads into repeat customers and strengthen loyalty with existing customers. A good CRM system offers an overview of all customer data and customer activities, i.e. their purchases, their satisfaction and possible complaints.

Such business software solutions also provide upselling and cross-selling opportunities. They serve to save time in automation and support more personal communication. The system shows all of the customer's activities so that employees in support and sales can see at a glance what is important.

Examples of good CRM software include:

  • HubSpot
  • monday Sales CRM
  • pipedrive

More detailed information about CRM systems can be found at HubSpot, among others.

2. Project planning and collaboration software

These business software solutions support company success by centrally recording and managing appointment planning and task management. At the same time, they enable employees to work together in the same database.

They can plan their tasks together using easily accessible templates. Individual team members receive their specific tasks including due dates. You can prioritize tasks and organize processes together.

Examples of well-functioning project planning and collaboration software would be:

An interesting study on this software for companies can be found in Getcaya magazine.

3. Marketing-Software

This business software automates marketing processes, analyzes the online presence of your own company and that of competitors, organizes enterprise resource planning and supports activities in social networks.

The social media tools in particular are very important because a large part of sales takes place in this area. Its management is therefore becoming increasingly relevant.

Examples of marketing software include:

  • Zapier (marketing process automation)
  • Ahrefs (SEO-Tool)
  • ActiveCampaigne (E-Mail-Marketing)

You can also find a good selection of social media tools here.

4. Analytic-Tools

Efficient and comprehensive data analysis is fundamental for optimizing productivity. The analytical tools collect, process and analyze raw data, support data management and display the processed data.

They are now supported by AI. Such business software solutions are indispensable for optimizing productivity, because all decisions in the company are made on the basis of collected data and its analysis.

Examples of such tools are:

  • Tableau
  • Google Analytics for web analysis
  • RStudio for statistics and graphics

We at BASIC thinking also deal with analytical tools.

5. Office administration

Software for companies can also be used for office administration in general. Such Office applications also include intelligent cloud services, templates for PowerPoint presentations, Excel, Word templates and much more.

Examples would be:

  • Microsoft 365
  • LibreOffice
  • WPS Office

There are even some free solutions. For example, users of a Google account can use Word, Excel and other services for free. However, a paid solution with a wide range of functions that also enables employee collaboration is recommended for companies. We once took a closer look at the costs for Microsoft 365.

Find out more about HubSpot here


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