Are you tired of having all your tariffs spread across multiple providers? With one provider you have your internet tariff, with the other your telephone connection. Again, you have taken out your mobile phone tariff somewhere else. In this article you will find out how you can bring order to this contractual chaos and how you can sit back and relax while streaming thanks to the O2 TV blast.

The digital world brings with it many advantages and conveniences. In terms of accessibility, it no longer matters whether you are at home or on the road. After last night's episode ended with a cliffhanger, you can simply continue watching on the go the next morning.

The train ride to the office couldn't be more exciting. So that you don't run out of material, you benefit from over 130 HD channels and an extensive streaming offer with the O2 tariffs including O2 TV.

Here you can find the TV-Knaller combination packages

Without cable, without satellite: Internet television with an O2 combination contract

If you've had enough of the contract chaos, you should definitely take a look at O2's great TV tariffs with either an internet or mobile phone tariff. A contract for entertainment fans couldn't be more practical – and it's extensive too.

Enjoy access to over 130 HD channels without a cable connection or satellite dish, including ARD HD and ZDF HD, RTL HD, Sat.1 HD and ProSieben HD and many more. And so that you don't miss any of your favorite formats, you can record up to 100 hours online and access them if you wish. You can also stream on up to four devices at the same time, which is of course ideal for families with a wide variety of tastes.

Choose which package you want from 50 Mbit/s to 1,000 Mbit/s in download speed and choose exactly the contract you want with the O2 TV M, O2 TV L and O2 TV XL tariffs suits you. By the way, you can watch TV on the go from the O2 TV L tariff, while the XL tariff even includes Netflix.

O2 TV blast + mobile phone tariff

Are you more of a mobile type? With the combination TV + mobile phone tariff, O2 also offers exactly the right thing for you. With the O2 TV M package, you not only get TV for WiFi, but in addition to the above-mentioned 130 HD channels, you can also choose between four to 70 GB+ data volume. For anyone who wants to have unlimited mobility, the unlimited data volume option is available.

With the O2 TV L package or the O2 TV XL package you get significantly more for your money. With the L package you enjoy the freedom to stream on the go, while the XL tariff already includes Netflix Standard with up to two parallel streams.

O2 plus Samsung TV

How about switching to O2 and getting you a new TV straight away? You currently receive the Samsung CU7179 with a 4K Crystal UHD display if you choose the O2 Mobile M contract with 25 GB+. This 65-inch TV delivers razor-sharp images and strong contrast.

With a term of 36 months, the Samsung CU7179 has a one-off price of 40.90 euros including a one euro device deposit and shipping costs. The monthly rate is 34.99 euros. Of course, you are free to book O2 TV at any time. So you can enjoy the full program on the powerful 4K device with 3D sound.

Here you can get the O2 TV blast for just 1 euro


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