Have you just not found the right mobile phone tariff for you yet? Or do you think your current tariff offers you too little for too much money per month? Then you should take a look at Vodafone’s GigaMobil tariffs. You can currently get the GigaMobil-M and GigaMobil-Young-L tariffs incredibly cheaply – and only a few days left with 200 GB per month free on top!

If you're looking for a mobile phone tariff, you'll hardly find an offer that's more attractive. Vodafone not only offers incredibly good conditions when you sign a new contract, but also gives you a permanent 200 GB data volume per month. We'll take a closer look at the exciting deal with you.

GigaMobil M: 250 GB for 39.99 euros per month

With the GigaMobil M tariff you currently get 250 GB of data volume per month instead of 50 GB of data per month. With a contract term of 24 months, you only pay 39.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros per month and the connection fee is completely waived.

If you have to think about it despite the great offer, don't take too much time, because you'll only get 200 GB of data volume free of charge until March 13, 2024 – permanently!

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The GigaMobil Young L tariff with 300 GB of data volume

If you are under 28, be sure to take a look at the GigaMobil Young L tariff. This currently only costs you 30.39 euros instead of 37.99 euros per month. 100 GB is normally included in this tariff, which is fixed for 24 months. Thanks to the 200 GB on top, you currently get a total of 300 GB of data volume per month.

As with the GigaMobil M tariff, you shouldn't take too much time with the GigaMobil Young L tariff. Even with this offer at a top price, the 200 GB data volume per month is only available until March 13th.

GigaMobil tariffs: 200 GB of data volume for free on top

Being fast is currently paying off particularly well at Vodafone. Not only that, you can currently secure a strong discount on both tariffs. You also benefit from an additional 200 GB of data volume per month. They are permanently available to you.

In addition, as usual, you will of course benefit from all Vodafone advantages such as the telephone flat rate to all German networks and EU roaming.

With the GigaDepot you can also simply take unused data volume with you into the next month. And while we're on the subject of portability: Of course, you can also transfer your phone number to your new Vodafone tariff easily and free of charge.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2024/03/06/gigamobil-tarife-von-vodafone-200gb-geschenkt/

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