Marlene Mehnert is supposed to get the “heartbeat” of 1Komma5° going.

Philipp Schröder has created two new positions: The new Head of Strategy at 1Komma5° is to get the tech solution of the IPO-hungry climate unicorn up and running. Marlene Mehnert33, comes to 1Komma5° after more than three years with Tesla, where she recently helped to drive forward the construction of the Tesla factory in Grünheide. In addition, Maximilian Haensel42, will take over the position of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at the Hamburg solar start-up. Haensel was previously COO at Sonnen, the battery storage manufacturer, where Schröder was in management for over four years. Schröder told Manager Magazin that Haensel would be responsible for hardware at 1Komma5°, but also for logistics, storage and pricing.


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