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IONOS website construction kit put to the test


More and more customers want to order products online. In recent years, it has therefore become increasingly important that companies who want to sell their own products not only have a stationary trade, but also an online shop. Since it is often time and expensive to set up, many companies hesitate to create an online shop. The website builder from IONOS wants to change that – we tested “MyWebsite Shop”.

What is “MyWebsite Shop” from IONOS?

“MyWebsite Shop” from IONOS is a website construction kit that you can use to create your own website including an online shop. This means that you get different help and functions to create your online shop.

So you don’t need any prior knowledge or programming skills, but have the opportunity to work your way through the website builder and gradually move elements around, create designs and ultimately upload products to your shop.

With IONOS you can choose from different tariffs. All tariffs include an SSL-secured domain for a whole year and a professional e-mail address, the most important payment and shipping methods such as credit card, PayPal and DHL are included and the items can be synchronized automatically and also via social media sell media.

The different tariffs at IONOS (screenshot / website)

The tariffs differ mainly in the number of possible products. For example, the smallest tariff allows for 500 articles, whereas the largest tariff allows an unlimited number of articles. The professional tariff is particularly suitable for large companies with numerous different products, since a multilingual online shop can also be set up here and sales can also take place on Amazon and Ebay.

What functions can I find in “MyWebsite Shop” from IONOS?

The first step is to create your main website at IONOS “MyWebsite”. Here you can add the complete design, the subpages of your website, numerous elements such as images, maps, buttons, tables or opening hours and edit the content. The drag-and-drop editing feature pays off, especially for beginners, as it makes it easy to determine where to add what.

You then have the option of designing your online shop in the backend. Here you define your main menu, add products, decide on marketing measures such as Google Ads or Facebook ads and configure all important information such as payment methods or shipping options.

Personalization is a special feature. Here you have the opportunity to set individual rules for your website visitors. For example, only new visitors are shown a company video or only returning visitors are presented with special products from your online shop.

Create your website now with the IONOS website builder

IONOS website construction kit put to the test

Before you start designing your online shop, the first step is to create your website. We will show you step-by-step how this works in our detailed test report. Right from the start, we will show you exactly how to create your website and what different functions are available to you.

We tested the IONOS website kit ourselves and created our own online shop. Below we show how this works.

Create online store

After you have created your website, it is then time to actually create your online shop. As an overview, the website builder shows you your current status and which tasks you should still complete before publication.

add products

You then immediately have the opportunity to add your products to the online shop. Here you can select images for each product, determine the price, add a designation, item number, weight and description, and determine properties.

In the “Execution alternatives” tab, you also have the option of creating different variants of each of your products. This works quickly and easily with the IONOS website construction kit. In the first step, define a new design variant, for example if you want to offer a different color. Then add the respective choices and enter the price.

Finally, all you have to do is determine how your customers should make their selection in the future. You can choose from drop-down lists, radio buttons, sizes, checkboxes, text boxes, body text and calendars. You can also upload media yourself here.

In order to be able to imagine directly what the items you have created look like in the online shop, you can always display them using the “Item preview”.

Website construction kit from IONOS

Inventory and Categories

You also have the option of specifying the inventory for each of your products. And if this falls below a certain number, you can be notified directly.

If you don’t just want to sell normal products, but also digital products in your online shop, you can do that with the IONOS website builder. The prerequisite for this is that you have chosen one of the higher tariffs. To post the digital products, all you have to do is upload the file to be sold in the “Files” tab.

You can also make it easier for your customers to search for your products in the online shop by assigning your products to different categories. There is a preset category, this contains products that are recommended to your customers when they open the online shop.

sell products

When you have added all products, you still take care of the basic functions of your online shop. For example your sales channels, payment methods and your shipping options. Settings also covers billing, taxes, and legal settings. You should definitely take care of this before you publish your online shop.

In the menu item “Shipping & Pickup” you have the option to edit your shipping settings. This is where you set shipping methods manually or easily integrate companies such as DHL. You can either offer shipping at a fixed price, link it to weight or subtotal, or set free shipping under certain conditions.

Process incoming orders

As soon as your online shop is live and orders are received, you will find them in the shop administration in the Sales area. Here you have the option of filtering your orders according to various criteria such as the date of purchase or the payment status. Or you are looking for specific orders by entering the name or the order number.

You can use different buttons to initiate different actions. For example, easily mark an order as shipped and add a matching tracking number so your customers can track the delivery.

To open the detailed view of the orders, all you have to do is click on the right arrow. Here you can see everything you need to know about ordering, payment and shipping. You can also see whether your customers have subscribed to your newsletter, for example, or have agreed to other marketing measures.

Experience: This is how the online shop creation with IONOS went

The website construction kit with an integrated online shop from IONOS is particularly convincing due to the possibility of combining both things: creating a comprehensive website and a suitable online shop. The creation is possible without any prior technical knowledge. Within a very short time you can publish a website that corresponds exactly to your own ideas.

With different plans to choose from, each business can choose exactly what they need and what they don’t. Due to the transparent prices there is no risk of hidden costs and companies can plan with the exact costs.

FAQs: Important questions and answers about the IONOS website kit

In the following, we answer three important questions about using the IONOS website builder.

Can you export the online shop from the IONOS kit?

The export of your online shop that you create with the IONOS website builder is currently not possible.

Can you connect the IONOS Website Builder to an external domain?

All plans come with a free domain. However, if you prefer to use a different domain, you can easily connect it to your website builder. It is important that the domain is in the same contract.

How long is the cancellation period for the IONOS Website Builder and how long will I get my money back?

With the IONOS Website Builder you have the option to revoke your consent within 30 days. During this period you will also get your money back in full.

Create an online shop quickly and intuitively with the IONOS website builder

The test shows: Even without programming knowledge, it is possible to create your own online shop in a very short time and without any effort using the IONOS website construction kit. There are special design templates to choose from, many extensive functions and different setting options to design the online shop professionally right from the start.

Create your website now with the IONOS website builder

This article is part of our content hub for web hosting, cloud services and domains and is sponsored by IONOS.

Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2022/08/30/online-shop-erstellen-ionos-test/

UX design: User-friendly to the goal


Due to a larger number of apps than ever before, the demands of users in terms of operation and aesthetics have also increased. With a good UX (User Experience) design, users get a holistic user experience with an intuitive user interface. In this way, companies secure a decisive competitive advantage.

What is UX design?

UX design is an integral part of a holistic user experience. A well thought-out user experience design is for digital platforms essential. It accompanies the user at all touchpoints with an application or a website. Today there are different platforms and devices, each with different requirements perfect user experience design. Mobile devices, desktop applications and other use cases demand customized UX design solutions. A good UX design that inspires, is quick, easy to understand and gets the user to their goal.

Why UX design is becoming increasingly important

With the advancing digitization in companies, processes are shifting more and more into the software world. Whether logistics, banking or the automotive industry: one own app is often essential. The interfaces with which people interact are complex and different, even in the business environment.

Here it is important to have products with a user friendly Equip user experience design to optimize the user experience. Today’s users expect software solutions with a wide range of functions – without cumbersome interaction and with a aesthetic UI. The increased requirements pose ever greater challenges for UI designers and software developers. The number of apps has also increased: it is therefore more important than ever that products with a thoughtful user experience design stand out

The individual steps of the UX design

competitive analysis

  • It is worth observing the competitive landscape and making deductions. What does your own product do right and what do others do market participants better? With a competitive analysis, companies can identify the competition one step ahead and gain meaningful insights.

Usability Test

  • In the usability test, users test the application. companies get so valuable feedback from real users to their user experience design. It is important to determine what is to be tested and what goals are to be achieved. In the usability test, a distinction is made between face-to-face methods and usability tests using online tools. With both methods, companies find out what user needs are and what points they need to consider when designing the user experience optimize have to.


  • Prototypes help that UI Designerto develop the interface of the application before the actual programming. Using various methods such as sketches or storyboards, UI designers can pre-test the user experience design in the same way. As a collaborative and visual process, prototyping is a good starting point for teamwork common solutions to develop before they are transferred to digital. Prototyping is therefore essential for the development of a holistic user experience design in order to avoid errors during development right from the start.

UX as an integral part of software development

During agile development, for example using Scrum or Kanban, one is worthwhile consistent user orientation throughout the project.

In fundamental workshops with representatives of all stakeholders from the client to the user, in addition to technical and functional requirements, the experiences and User expectations recorded and documented. Based on this, clickable mockups are created that already provide a real impression of the later solution. This visualization already reveals weaknesses, compares expectations and provides more via user tests optimization potential. On this basis begins agile developmentwhich runs in iterative phases of conception, development, validation, testing and optimization – always involving all relevant reference and user groups.

Benefits of User Experience Consulting and UX Design:

  • consideration different points of view different stakeholders
  • early recognize from mistakes and/or bad user guidance
  • avoidance unnecessary rework and duplication of effort
  • Schutz from unplanned project costs and long development times
  • higher user acceptance for the developed products

Improved UX through re-engineering & re-design

In the past, user experience often played no role in development, or usage and operating habits have changed fundamentally since the introduction. Now the processing takes an unnecessarily long time and the acceptance of the solution is dwindling.

Here can one UX-oriented re-engineering Breathing new life into processes and applications. The focus here is also on user tests and user observation. Based on defined test cases after identified TopTasks/Tasks typical test tasks are given to a test group of users from different areas. While the user speaks his thoughts out loud, the tester merely observes the user’s handling of the digital interface without providing any assistance and then documents his experiences.

On this basis, the need for optimization in UX design can be clearly and reliably identified and possible approaches for improvement can be consistently implemented.

Benefits of user experience re-engineering and UX re-design:

  • modernization existing applications optically and technically
  • higher acceptance of processes and solutions
  • reduced processing effort and better quality the Results

The difference between UI and UX

What is the difference between user interface design and user experience? Both terms are often used interchangeably, but there are differences in meaning.

UI Design specifically means the user interface a specific software. The user interface consists of clickable buttons, drop-down and hamburger menus, text entry fields, and any other element through which interaction occurs. UI designers are responsible for the UI design and pay attention to the aesthetic composition of the individual elements of a digital surface. These include, for example, the color or font. UI designers ensure that the corporate design is implemented sensibly.

The UI is part of the UX, which in turn is part of the CX.

UI and UX are part of a holistic customer experience.

User Experience Design, on the other hand, describes the overall user experience. How intuitive is the software to use? How logical does the navigation feel? Do users reach their destination efficiently? These are the questions user experience designers need to ask themselves. The user interface is part of a holistic user experience. For an optimal end product, UX and UI designers must work together and coordinate their work. The already mentioned prototyping is ideal for this.

Together, UI design and UX design form part of the customer experience. If you want to learn more about customer experience, then read our blog article about customer experience management.

Conclusion – successful UX design

A successful UX design is intuitive operable, appealing designed and brings the user to be efficient target. In a competitive market, it is more important than ever that applications and apps stand out with an appealing user experience design. If you follow the individual steps of the UX design, you are on the right track, one trouble-free user experience to accomplish. Prototyping ensures that no individual aspects are lost in the design process. With an appealing UX design, applications are used with pleasure and a positive corporate image created.

CONET service catalogue

Our CONET specialists create frustration-free and intuitive user experiences with a customized UX design. Benefit from our many years of experience in the areas of customer experience, UI design and agile software development. Our complete package also includes re-engineering, with which you can implement real user experiences in your UX design.

Our UX services

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Source: https://www.conet.de/blog/ux-design-nutzerfreundlich-ans-ziel/

Pitchdeck Arive: Arive collected 18 million euros with these slides


They founded Arive: Max Reeker and Linus Fries (right)

Arive only started last year at the height of the hype surrounding quick commerce services. Instead of food, the Munich-based company brings home high-quality products such as Macbooks, cosmetics, pearl earrings and vases.

Right from the start of their delivery service, the two young founders Linus Fries (23) and Maximilian Reeker (22) convinced well-known European VCs: the Berlin VCs 468 Capital and La Famiglia as well as the London early-stage fund Balderton Capital. Six million euros came together in a seed round in late summer, and now the previous shareholders, Burdaprincipal Investments, the investment company of the well-known media house, and the Rocket Internet fund Global Founders have added almost 18 million euros ($20 million).

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Arive in the test: what can the new delivery service for high earners do?

Source: https://www.businessinsider.de/gruenderszene/business/arive-pitchdeck-2022-r/

Twitter whistleblower to testify in Musk vs. Twitter case


Just last week, Twitter’s ex-head of security disclosed significant security flaws in the short message service. Now Elon Musk’s lawyers have summoned the Twitter whistleblower.

The revelations by former security chief Peiter Zatko, which he handed over to the US government, cover almost 200 pages. The Twitter whistleblower sees US national security at risk. Twitter also misleads investors and regulators.

But it’s not just the US government that’s interested in the ex-security chief’s revelations. The allegations are also more than convenient for Elon Musk. Because Zatko could give him new material to wriggle out of his Twitter takeover.

Why does the Twitter whistleblower have to testify in the Musk vs. Twitter case?

Peiter Zatko is expected to testify in the legal dispute between Twitter and Elon Musk on September 9th. Musk’s lawyers summoned the whistleblower for this.

For Elon Musk, the security risks disclosed by Twitter are of course very convenient. So far he has always tried to justify the end of his Twitter takeover with spam accounts.

He could draw further arguments from Zatko’s revelations. The Twitter whistleblower accuses the group of having concealed critical security gaps.

For example, Twitter does not delete data from users who leave the platform as required. In addition, the short message service is said to have secret service agents on its payroll.

But Zatko also vents about spam accounts

But Zatko also mentioned the spam and fake accounts that Elon Musk likes to mention in his revelations. Accordingly, there is no precise count of spam, fake and bot accounts on Twitter. The company also has little incentive to get this number out.

In the legal dispute between Twitter and Elon Musk, Twitter’s ex-security chief must now make an affidavit. However, Musk’s team’s demands in the subpoena went further.

They also demand that Zatko have “books, documents, or tangible things in your possession” related to Twitter and its spam accounts.

What does the Twitter whistleblower say about his subpoena?

Zatko’s attorneys said earlier this week that he would “comply with his legal obligations under this subpoena.” However, his “appearance at the survey is involuntary”.

Because he didn’t want to harm Twitter with his disclosures to the responsible government agencies. Nor did he choose to disclose this information to assist Musk in his dispute with Twitter.

His intention was to protect the American public and Twitter shareholders.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2022/08/30/twitter-whistleblower-fall-musk-vs-twitter/

Researchers are developing a new type of battery – made of aluminum and sulphur


Researchers have developed a new type of battery made of aluminum and sulphur. Both materials are relatively inexpensive and readily available. The battery therefore costs only one-sixth of a classic lithium-ion battery.

In a world in which we are increasingly relying on renewable energy sources, the importance of batteries is increasing. According to statistics, around 24.4 percent of all passenger cars will be electric cars in 2030. In absolute numbers, that’s around 11.55 million vehicles.

At the same time, the electricity mix is ​​becoming greener and new capacities for solar, hydro and wind power are connected to the grid. However, it takes huge batteries to always have energy in reserve when we need it.

There are already some new concepts for this, for example a battery based on carbon dioxide or made of plastic. However, there is one limiting factor: the price. Because a good battery must also be affordable.

New battery on sulfur and aluminum

A new proposal is now coming from various scientists, including the Massechusets Institute of Technology (MIT). You rely on a battery made of abundantly available and inexpensive materials. The electrodes consist of aluminum and sulfur. Molten salt becomes the cheap electrolyte.

This brings with it several advantages. Because today’s lithium-ion batteries are highly flammable. However, this can be avoided by using salt. In addition, aluminum is considered a material with high availability on the international market. Sulfur, in turn, is a waste product from various processes and is relatively cheap.

New cells are particularly robust and can be used flexibly

The first prototype has already withstood hundreds of charging cycles undamaged and costs only one-sixth of a lithium-ion cell. The salt used also prevents corrosion of the electrodes. For comparison: With conventional batteries, a little “dirt” always settles on the anode or cathode, which impairs the performance.

The researchers meanwhile speak of small or medium-sized buildings as possible locations. The new sulphur-aluminum battery can also be used to store electric charging stations.

In contrast to classic approaches, no active cooling is necessary. The battery cools itself when it is charged and discharged. However, it is still unclear when the new battery will be on the market. Further tests should first show the potential of the technology.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2022/08/30/batterie-aluminium-schwefel/

Media report: Fast delivery services are running out of options


In 2021 there was still seven billion dollars for the eight largest startups, but investors are now cautious. Also: Amazon buys Belgian company Cloostermans and Tesla is considering its own lithium refinery.

Gorillas is just one of many 15-minute delivery services struggling right now.

Good morning! Even during the weekend, work in the digital scene continued in many places.

The top topics:

According to a report by the American medium “The Information”. express delivery services the options. The companies that experienced global hype during the pandemic are now struggling with high costs. Many of the startups “burn” large sums of cash and urgently need new cash injections. According to research firm Pitchbook, investors poured around $7 billion into the eight largest instant delivery startups last year. However, the investor environment is now difficult due to the overall economic situation. The latter raises the question of how much longer companies can continue to operate. According to the media report, most management teams and investors are currently focused on cutting costs and abandoning expensive locations. Apparently, takeovers within the industry are rather unrealistic.

Gorillas is just one example of many. The Berliners have been looking for a deal for a long time. According to the medium, which refers to four people familiar with the situation, a merger with the Berlin-based rival was planned Considerable. Another consideration was a cash injection from existing investors. However, a decision is still not said to have been made. [Mehr bei The Information]

on Founder scene: An industry is currently facing a key moment: For the first time, meat substitutes prevail in the crowd. Editor Nina Anika Klotz found out which startups could achieve the notorious “moonshot” moment. Her research led her, among other things, to the restaurant of star chef Tim Raue. [Mehr bei Gründerszene+]

And here are the other headlines of the night and the past few days:

Amazon takes over the Belgian company Cloostermans, which produces warehouse robots. The online retailer plans to automate its logistics processes. Cloostermans will be added to the Amazon Robotics division, launched in 2012 with the acquisition of Kiva Systems. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Cloostermans, which employs around 200 people, was founded in 1884 as a manufacturer of machines for textile manufacturers. In the meantime, the company has established itself as a specialist in automation. [Mehr bei CNBC und Wall Street Journal]

Tesla According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, it is considering building its own lithium refinery. The US electric car maker is considering potential locations in Texas and Louisiana. Lithium, which is a key material for making batteries, would be refined at the plant. With this step, Tesla would make itself independent of external producers, logistics problems and delivery bottlenecks. [Mehr bei Wall Street Journal]

Investments: that to Alphabet affiliated healthcare companies Verily raised $1 billion in a funding round led by its parent company. The clinical research company, which launched a Covid-19 testing program in 2020, is also getting a new CEO in Stephen Gillett. Gillett joined Verily in 2020 after working at Alphabet’s X Moonshot Factory and for venture capital arm GV. Tonal Systems according to a media report, should receive funding of over 100 million US dollars. The latter would catapult the market value of the home fitness company to $1.9 billion. The San Francisco firm said it raised $250 million last year at a $1.6 billion valuation. Tonal’s supporters include Serena Williams, Drew Brees and Mike Tyson. [Mehr bei The Information und Bloomberg]

Roblox has announced new funding for developers to develop games on the gaming platform. The Californian company introduced a so-called game fund last summer. This initially started with 25 million US dollars. Now Roblox wants to spend another ten million dollars on a handful of selected projects. Each individual project should receive at least half a million dollars. Also, the company plans to introduce 3D advertising on its platform in the next year to further diversify its revenue streams. [Mehr bei Techcrunch und Reuters]

Bolt Financial announced on Friday that it was acquiring cryptocurrency infrastructure provider Wyre Payments will not complete. The US fintech called off the $1.5 billion deal after crypto and fintech company valuations plummeted. [Mehr bei Reuters]

Our reading tip on Gründerszene: In Markus Lanz’s talk format, Ulrike Herrmann accused the entrepreneur Frank Thelen citing false causes of inflation and called it “embarrassing”. Thelen now reacted to the allegations online. [Mehr bei Gründerszene]

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How much data do the police get?


Since Tuesday, users have been able to decide in a large-scale survey on Telegram how much data the messenger app should pass on to the police in the future. There are three options available.

Telegram would like to know from its users in Germany how data should be passed on to the police authorities. There has been a poll on Telegram since Tuesday, which users can vote on.

We, the Telegram team, ask you to give us your opinion on how German Telegram users’ data can (or not) be shared with the German authorities, including the German Police (BKA).

What is the current status of Telegram?

Thanks to the current data protection declaration, which has been in effect since 2018, Telegram can disclose IP addresses and telephone numbers of terrorist suspects “at the request of the government”. However, these requests would have to be “supported by a court order”.

Telegram never shares information about your chats or contacts with anyone, including government agencies.

With this approach, Telegram only wants to prevent “terrorist groups” from abusing the platform.

These are the details of the Telegram survey

With the survey at Telegram, the messenger now wants to find out whether users in Germany “support the current data protection declaration”. Alternatively, they want to find out whether they “want to reduce or increase the number of cases in which Telegram can potentially share data with authorities”.

In the current Telegram survey, there are three options that users can choose from. You can vote until September 5th.

Option 1

No changes. Telegram is only allowed to pass on IP addresses and telephone numbers of terrorist suspects based on a court decision. This option is already included in Telegram’s current privacy policy.

Option 2

At the request of the German police authorities, Telegram is allowed to disclose IP addresses and phone numbers of suspects of serious crimes, even if this is not supported by a court decision. If approved, this option would be completely new for Telegram and therefore requires a change in our data protection declaration for users from Germany.

Option 3

Under no circumstances may Telegram share user information, including IP addresses and phone numbers of terrorist suspects. If this option is supported, Telegram will change its data structure and privacy policy for users from Germany.

Screenshot Telegram

What does Telegram want to achieve with this survey?

With its 700 million monthly active users worldwide (as of July 2022), Telegram is not just one of the most popular messaging apps. The platform is also a gathering place for dubious machinations.

Lateral thinkers used the platform extensively, especially during the Corona crisis. This led to Telegram having to block some groups and channels with conspiracy ideological content.

As Netzpolitik.org reported, the option without data transfer would be similar to the approach of the messengers Threema and Signal.

Telegram would have to switch to end-to-end encryption by default, decouple the accounts from the phone numbers and collect less metadata.

Because if data is not available, it cannot be released on request by the authorities.

With Signal, for example, it can only be disclosed how long an account has existed and when it was last used.

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Reach gamers with the right marketing campaigns [Anzeige]


Marketing campaigns have changed in recent years. In order to reach the younger generation in particular, it makes less sense for many companies to invest in traditional television advertising. Instead, they use exactly the medium that gamers are increasingly using: live streaming.

What role do live streams play?

Gamers and Generation Z are very difficult to reach through classic marketing measures. According to a statistic, 66 percent use an ad blocker, which means that banner ads, for example, are usually not displayed at all. In contrast, live streams on platforms like Twitch are a popular medium in which the young generation and gamers invest a lot of time.

This is mainly due to the fact that small and medium-sized streamers build a community right from the start. They attach great importance to interacting and communicating with the viewers. Viewers feel connected to their favorite streamers and want to follow what they are doing.

How do marketing measures for gamers work?

One of the most popular marketing measures for gamers is sponsorship. What many do not know: Automated micro-sponsorships are significantly better than sponsoring a few big fish. Because 99 percent of streamers have fewer than 50 average viewers. Because of this, it’s difficult to set up sponsorships manually with so many streamers.

A smaller audience, however, is significantly more engaged with their favorite streamers, which automatically leads to a positive image of the brand that sponsors them being ingrained in the minds of viewers.

In principle, companies can also count on small streamers and their audience being very grateful and appreciative. They usually show the advertising very authentically, which often leads to a higher CTR.

The solution: Uncomplicated marketing campaigns with inStreamly

For streamers and companies, however, the implementation in practice can be a challenge. The solution is inStreamly! This is both a marketplace and an innovative technology that connects streamers with businesses.

inStreamly is therefore an intermediary between streamers and companies. Streamers find suitable sponsors for their live streams and have the opportunity to earn money.

With inStreamly, brands can automatically display their messages in thousands of streams using CTAs, animations, artwork and more. They ensure high engagement through the special engagement-boosting mechanisms, such as gameplay response.

This is a unique technology based on the fact that the graphic displays react to events in the game in real time. Danone’s campaign gameplay response is one of the most awarded marketing campaigns of 2021.

Gameplay Response is just one of many mechanisms to increase engagement that inStreamly can implement. These are the unique selling points of the campaigns:

  • Automation: Brands just say what they want, inStreamly sets everything up and the campaign runs automatically
  • Scalability: There is no limit to the number of streamers participating in a campaign. inStreamly works result-oriented
  • Engagement: Brand messages are engaging, don’t disrupt live streams, and are unblockable

Ads are unblockable and have a 100% view-through rate. However, inStreamly’s marketing campaigns are not an advertisement, but a sponsorship campaign. Thanks to this approach, negative associations that advertising evokes among young target groups are automatically avoided.

inStreamly does not just show an animation, but the experts ensure that the marketing measures appeal to the audience and stimulate conversations. inStreamly is also constantly developing new mechanisms and methods for interacting with streamers and viewers.

Find out more here

Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2022/09/01/gamer-marketingkampagnen-instreamly/

Crypto.com mistakenly transfers millions to Australian


A mistake worth millions: The crypto exchange Crypto.com accidentally transferred around seven million euros to a woman from Melbourne. Actually, she should only get 68 euros.

In May 2021, a Melbourne woman found a surprise worth millions in her bank account. Because the crypto platform Crypto.com had accidentally transferred her 10.5 million Australian dollars.

Actually, the woman should only get a refund of 100 Australian dollars. The mistransfer is now being dealt with in court, according to the Australian news site 7News reported.

Crypto.com has taken legal action

However, the crypto exchange Crypto.com only noticed the error, which had already occurred in May 2021, seven months later.

Thevamanogari Manivel, the woman from Melbourne, had meanwhile set about diligently spending the money with her sister.

Crypto.com has now taken legal action against the Melbourne woman to recover the money. However, much of the money has already been spent.

Will Crypto.com get the money back?

Thevamanogari Manivel then used the money to buy a five-bedroom luxury home for A$1.35 million in February. This is said to have been a present for her sister.

However, the Victorian Supreme Court has now ordered this property to be sold. This is how Crypto.com should get the money back.

A compulsory administrator could also be used for this purpose if the owners do not take care of the sale themselves.

However, it has not yet been finally clarified whether Crypto.com will actually get its money back. The case is due to go back to court in October.

How did the error come about in the first place?

Actually, Thevamanogari Manivel was only supposed to get a refund of 100 Australian dollars – the equivalent of around 68 euros. However, she actually received 10.5 million Australian dollars, i.e. around seven million euros.

The refund error occurred because Crypto.com did not enter the amount on the line provided. Instead, the account number ended up there and resulted in the expensive error.

However, the error was only discovered during an annual audit, as 7News reports from the court documents.

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2022/09/01/crypto-com-fehlueberweisung/

Media report: Twitter paid whistleblowers seven million dollars for silence Media report: Twitter paid whistleblowers seven million dollars for silence


Elon Musk’s attorney made claims at a hearing. Also: T-Mobile announces share buyback program and Lucid loses German top manager.

Peiter Zatko was Twitter’s head of security before his dismissal.
Matt McClain/The Washington Post via Getty Images

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Twitter agreed in June to pay about $7 million to the whistleblower whose allegations will form part of Elon Musk’s lawsuit against the company. This was reported by the “Wall Street Journal”, citing an insider. Whistleblower Peiter Zatko, who was fired from Twitter in January, accused the social media company of falsely claiming it had a solid security plan and making misleading claims about countermeasures against hackers and spam accounts.

Zatko will meet with the US Senate Judiciary Committee on September 13 to discuss the allegations. According to the media report, the settlement was finalized a few days before his whistleblower complaint was filed. As part of the settlement, Zatko agreed to a non-disclosure agreement that prohibits him from speaking publicly about his time on Twitter or disparaging the company. [Mehr bei Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg und Reuters]

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And here are the other headlines of the night:

T-Mobile announced a $14 billion share buyback program. The US subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom announced in a mandatory notification to the US Securities and Exchange Commission that securities with a volume of up to three billion dollars could be bought back this year. Deutsche Telekom in particular could benefit from the move, as it does not hold the majority of shares in its US subsidiary. If T-Mobile buys back shares while Telekom remains silent, Telekom’s percentage of its US subsidiary increases. It was initially unclear what percentage the group would hold in T-Mobile after the buyback program was completed. [Mehr bei Handelsblatt]

Peter Hochholdinger, Head of Production at Lucid, and other high-ranking managers are leaving the electric car manufacturer. The German manager set up electric car production for Lucid in the new factory in Arizona. Alongside Hochholdinger is David Peel, Director of “Advanced Production Processes”. Program director Ralph Jakobs is also said to have left the company. The farewells hit the Californian company in a difficult phase: it had to scale back its production targets twice this year. In addition, it was announced that Mercedes-Benz and Rivian to partner to produce electric vans on a large scale in Europe. The joint venture, announced Thursday, will help each of the two automakers scale their custom-built large battery-electric van businesses. [Mehr bei Handelsblatt und Techcrunch]

Coinbase is actively involved in a lawsuit against the US Treasury Department. The lawsuit was filed by six users – including two Coinbase employees – by Tornado Cash submitted. This is a service that helps ensure crypto transactions cannot be tracked. The lawsuit alleges that the department exceeded its authority in sanctioning Tornado Cash for alleged money laundering violations. Crypto enthusiasts argue that the sanctioning could have a negative impact on the tech industry. “It sets a dangerous precedent,” said Paul Grewal, Coinbase’s chief legal officer. [Mehr bei Axios, CNBC und The Information]

Mullen Automotivean electric vehicle manufacturer based in Brea, California, has a controlling interest in Bollinger Motors acquired. The $148 million acquisition announced Thursday gives Mullen a 60 percent controlling stake in the Michigan-based startup, which began manufacturing all-electric commercial vehicles in 2015. Mullen went public in 2021 through a merger with Net Element, but has yet to launch a car. “The combination of Bollinger’s vehicles with our existing EV van programs gives us the opportunity to dominate the entire Class 1-6 light and medium-duty truck segment,” said Mullen CEO David Michery. [Mehr bei Techcrunch]

The shares of Docusign are up 17 percent after the San Francisco-based company reported quarterly sales that beat analysts’ estimates. Tax revenue for the second quarter increased 22 percent to $622.2 million. The stock rose to a high of $68.88 in extended trading after closing at $57.95 in New York. [Mehr bei Bloomberg]

singapurs Whampoa Group intends to invest approximately $100 million in startups through a venture capital fund. Whampoa Digital, the group’s digital asset investment arm, will invest in early-stage Web3 startups. “The venture capital fund will help us expand our presence in this space,” said Shawn Chan, CEO of Whampoa Group. The fund is expected to be launched in the next quarter and has received strong interest from Chinese technology companies and Asian corporate groups, the manager said. [Mehr bei Bloomberg und Reuters]

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